Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scenery around Downtown Portland via Secrets of Portlandia free walking tour

Secrets of Portlandia free walking tour is a tip based tour that you can join in Downtown Portland. The tour guide Erik Kennon will bring you around and show you the highlights of Portland in 90 minutes walking tour. I laughed a lot during the tour as the guide have many funny stories to share. I also felt very comfortable walking around the city after having seen so much of it in just an hour and a half. The stories were great. I never would have gotten any of that information on my own. And then after the tour, Erik helped identify other great things to do with the rest of the day.

Main train transport provided by Trimet (MAX). Metropolitan Area Express.

Our free walking tour guide. Erik Kennon.

Pioneer Courthouse station. Its at shopping area and Courthouse of Portland.

Pioneer Courthouse.

Portland is really a green city. It have solar powered garbage bin which can compress the garbage inside so that there is less collection needed by garbage truck. In return, fewer trips on garbage truck means lesser pollution.
Portland also have many electric chargers around. Green city which fully support the usage of electric cars.

Iconic signboard of Portland. This is Portland theatre house.

Portlandia statue.

Unique gold fish statue penetrate thru building.

Passing thru a park in Portland.

World's Smallest public park.

One of the buildings in Portland painted with murai.

Food carts and street food shops are abundant in Portland. You can get a varieties of foods from these food stalls. You name it, Asian, European or Western food.

A unique looking building in Portland.

Interesting sculpture.

The famous Voodoo doughnut shop.

Another sign that this is really a green city of America. Bicycle city!

Portland outdoor store. You can get outdoor related clothes here such as jeans, boots, jackets, leather products and rough clothing.

Ceasar salad food cart.

Clean city.

Tram is another mode of transport around Portland.

Microsoft Surface shop.

Grocery store and used book shop.

Keep Portland Weird.

Starting point: Pioneer Courthouse Station.
GPS/Coordinate: 45.518772, -122.678760
Website: Secrets of Portlandia


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