Sunday, September 15, 2013

Smith Tower @ Seattle

Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle and it was completed in 1914. The skyscraper is unique as they still need elevator operator. The elevators have brass surfaces which look as if its made of gold. The doors are latticed, so a rider can see into each hallway and through the glass walls in front of each office on each floor. The highest floor (35th floor) of the building is the only private residence in the building. The observation deck on the 35th floor also house the Chinese Room. The furniture and the hand-carved ceiling in the room were gifts from the Empress of China. Smith Tower is certainly better than Space Needle in term of Seattle city view as the building is located in the city centre itself on Pioneer Square. The price to enter the observation deck is cheaper too at USD7.50 per person as compared to USD12.00 for Space Needle. Another good thing is that you don't even need to queue to get to the observation deck. Another interesting procedure here is you only pay the observation deck entrance fee when reaching the 35th floor of the building. Not like other skyscraper which collect the fee at ground floor.

Smith Tower of Seattle.

The triangle attic is the only private residence on the building.

Elevator operator.

Passing by each floor of the building. You can see thru each floor via the glass door.

My ticket.

Chinese room.

Private residence at 35th floor. Its a penthouse.

Seattle city view.

Space Needle.

Seattle waterfront.

Century Link field.

Seattle King Street Union Station.

Cruise ship.

Residence at West Seattle.

Elevated roads at Seattle.

Elevator motor by Otis. Very old machinery but well maintained.

Self capture photo at the observation deck.

Address: 506 Second Avenue, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington, USA.
GPS/Coordinate: 47.601967,-122.331737
Entrance fee: USD7.50.
Opening hours: 10.00am until dusk.


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