Friday, December 20, 2013

Dotonbori @ Osaka, Japan

Dotonbori area of Osaka, Japan is the central tourist attraction of Osaka. People are coming here to enjoy the shopping scene and Japanese food. There are many restaurants and amusement facilities around Dotonbori. Dotonbori is often selected as a scene in the Japanese and foreign movies as the symbol of Osaka. There are promenades on both sides of Dotonbori canal which attracted to the neon signs and attractive advertisements. The illuminated signboards and neon lights makes this place a happening place to be. It is easy to spend a whole day around Dotonbori area as there are a lot to see and do.

When I was in Dotonbori on that day, the area is so crowded with youngsters as there is a Japanese superstar in Starbucks.

Very crowded during the night I went to Dotonbori. The famous crab restaurant in this picture.

Colourful neon lights of Dotonbori commercial area.

Starbucks of Dotonbori. Super crowded. I don't even know who are the superstar there.

Dotonbori canal at night.

Dotonbori canal during day time.

The famous Glico illuminated signboard. Running man.

Asahi Super Dry.

Famous Japanese branded items on the advertisement. Example here is Asahi brand beer and

Shop selling dumplings.

Sushi shop.

Not sure if they are selling puffer fish or known as fugu.

Don Quijote. Famous discount shop chain in Japan.

GPS/Coordinate: 34.669077, 135.501322
Public transport: Five-minute walk from Namba Station to the Dotonbori area.


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