Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Schott Classic Perfecto Leather Motorcycle Jacket 118

Schott NYC is a well known American clothing company in New York City which produce the Schott Perfecto leather jackets. Schott NYC was founded in year 1913 and they claimed that they are the first to put zipper on a jacket. The company manufactured jackets for US military during world war II and later for American law enforcement. But later due to popularity of the Perfecto jacket style, they have started to mass produce the jacket for the public and nowadays there are Schott distributors in Asia, Europe, Australia & Africa. The rock stars and punk movement really influence the popularity of the Perfecto style jacket. Among the famous rock stars who wears Perfecto styled jacket are The Ramones, Marlon Brando and Japanese rock band Guitar Wolf. Leather jacket is very popular especially in Japan market but their price is very expensive.

Cool looking leather jacket.

Naked cowhide Schott Perfecto leather jacket.

This is how Schott Perfecto 118 look on behind.

Nice breakin Schott Perfecto leather jacket. This is the special feature of leather jacket and it looks nice overtime by aging and breakin.

How to be cool wearing a Schott Perfecto.

Water proof Schott Perfecto. However, you need to dry the leather if expose to rain to avoid mold on the leather.

Happy guy with his Schott Perfecto leather jacket.


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