Sunday, April 20, 2014

Nanxiang Steamed Bun @ Shanghai, China

Nanxiang steamed bun restaurant is located inside the Yuyuan Garden compound. This restaurant is quite popular among the visitors to Yuyuan Garden. The main dish here is their Xiao Long Bao. I ordered 2 types of Xiao Long Bao, one with pork meat and the second with pork and crab meat. I preferred the first one which is the original one. In either type both contained a good amount of broth which makes eating this dish interesting. The idea is you need to nibble the dumpling to create a hole for you to slurp out the broth/soup. After which you can dip the whole dumpling in the accompanying vinegar sauce before eating it whole. Be careful while eating this dish as the soup is hot. This shop have 3 floors. If you want comfortable area to have your buns, go straight to 3rd floor or buy at ground floor if you plan to take away. However, ground floor tend to have long queue.

Taste:8/10(Good. The steamed buns has a delicious soup base and with two types of buns pork and crab, I am basically full)
Price:5/10(Near expensive. For two sets of buns the price charged is rather high. At RMB35.00 for pork and RMB45.00 for pork and crab meat. Each set have 6 buns).

Pork xiao long bao.

Delicate texture of the steamed buns.

Xiao long bao with pork and crab meat.

It have a bit of crab roe at the pinnacle of the buns.

The process of making the steamed buns is displayed to the public.

Skills needed for such fast and delicate buns making process.

Nanxiang Steamed bun shop in Yu Garden.

GPS/Coordinate: 31.226488, 121.491525
Address: HuangPu District YuYuan Road 85, Shanghai, China.
Public transport: Yuyuan Garden station on Metro line 10.


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