Friday, April 18, 2014

Olympics Sport Centre @ Beijing, China

Beijing was the host of 2008 summer Olympics with the theme of "One World, One Dream". Sad to see that the National Stadium built for the Beijing Olympics is underutilized. The stadium itself is a beautiful structure and it looks exactly like a giant metal bird's nest. The pictures, alone is worth the trip down here but the vibrant touristy feel adds another layer of fun where visitors can purchase souvenirs while taking photos of the Nest, the Cube and a few other beautiful buildings built for the Olympics.

Entrance to Beijing Olympic sports centre greeted by Fuwa (good luck dolls). Beijing Olympics mascot.

The surroundings wind were strong and many kite sellers here.

Beautiful Beijing Bird Nest stadium.

Blue Cube of National Aquatic Centre.

Giant metal of Bird Nest.

Me with the National stadium of known as Bird Nest.

Many tourist with the Cube.

Me with the Cube. Beijing National Aquatic centre.

Colourful Olympic tower.

Bazaar around the stadium selling souvenirs.

GPS/Coordinate: 39.992935, 116.396532
Address: No.3 A Anding Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Public transport: Beijing metro Olympic Sports centre station via line 8 (Green line).


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