Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yang's Dumplings @ Shanghai, China

Yang's fried dumpling is quite famous in Shanghai. Its a chain restaurant in many locations around Shanghai. Their bun is special with a fragrant crispy bottom crust. Also known as fied siao long bao, it's crispy outside, with tasty pork and soup inside. Take a small bite, drink the soup inside, add the vinegar into it, and then eat the rest. It's taste great and cheap.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The fried dumpling is unique, have the fried fragrant taste, crispy bottom crust with aroma soup filling).
Price:8/10(Cheap. 4 fried dumplings at 6 Yuan. Soup pork dumplings for 8 Yuan).

Look out for this shop (Yang's Dumplings). Great fried buns.

The process of making the dumplings. It's fun to visit Yang's because you get to watch them make the fried dumplings right in front of you.

A guy pan-fries dozens of dumplings in this wok-like pan, sprinkling in various things like water, oil and sesame seeds throughout the process.

Finally after 15 minutes wait, hot, steaming bun filled with a juicy soup-filled porky bun is ready.

I turned one of the bun around. Wow the fried wok seared bottom is delicious! Crispy and savoury.

Look at soup around the centred porky filling bun. Its hot and mouth watering.

Pork dumplings.

GPS/Coordinate: 31.238484, 121.483830
Address: Tianjin Road, Shanghai, China.
Subway: Nanjing Road East metro station exit 6.


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