Friday, May 30, 2014

Wangfujing shopping street @ Beijing, China

Wangfujing is a famous shopping street in Beijing, China. There are many luxury shops located on this street. I enjoyed looking at some high-end shops together with some souvenir shops.

Beijing taxi at Wangfujing street.

Church on Wangfujing street.

Wangfujing is centre of tourist attraction in Beijing.

Beijing Apple Store.

Famous Wangfujing bookstore.

Long street with endless shops.

Selfie at Wangfujing street.

More visitors at night.

Hazy night at Wangfujing.

One of the high end department stores.

Dongan department store.

Wangfujing street market.

Walking into the night market. Beware of pick pocket here.

Baby scorpion sold as snack in Wangfujing street market.

Fried black scorpion.

Fried grasshopper.



However not all food sold here is exotic. Here you can have the tasty grilled squid as well.

Pig's stomach soup.

Goat's drumstick.

Preserved & sweetened small apples.

GPS/Coordinate: 39.908086, 116.411545
Public transport:Wangfujing station Beijing subway line 1.


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