Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Isuien Garden @ Nara, Japan

Isuien Garden is a Japanese garden located in the central of Nara and it was created during the Meiji era. The garden featured many elements of life and strike balance in Japanese culture. It has water area, surrounded by mountains and garden. In the central pond of the gardens, there are two islands with sculptures of a crane and tortoise. These animals are significant in Japanese culture which represent longevity. The surroundings area which is near by Kasuga shrine and Todaiji temple together with mountainous landscape enabled this garden to have a "borrowed landscape" and this producing a landscape blend in visual harmony. The area looks more harmony as there is no artificial items around.

One of the tea houses in Isuien Garden. This area is also known as front garden.

Entrance to Isuien Garden.

Autumn view of Isuien Garden.

Traditional path which was build during Meiji era passing thru garden moss.

The area on the left look like a tortoise. This resemble longevity.

A small pine of dripping water which is harmony with the surroundings.

Water wheel at rear garden.

Running water with beautiful background landscape of green and stone.

Part of the rear garden with stone steps. The scenery is beautiful, colourful and harmony.

Entrance to tea ceremony house.

Tea house surrounded by pond of water.

GPS/Coordinate: 34.685698, 135.837656
Address: 74 Suimoncho, Nara, Nara Prefecture, Japan.
Public transport: Isuien Garden is also located a 15 minute walk from Kintetsu Nara Station and 25 minutes from JR Nara station.
Admission fee: 650 Yen.


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