Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center @ Gridwood, Alaska

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a place that not to be missed when you visit Alaska. It have all the amazing tundra weather land-based animals. The conservation center is surrounded by beautiful mountains and it open the whole year even during winter. You have great chance to see from near at moose, muskox, elk, reindeer (caribou), baby moose, grizzly bear, black bear, brown bear, lynx, bison and red fox. This is a place where you can have once in a lifetime experience to see moose so close-by. I have some good pictures of the wildlife with background of amazing views of hanging glaciers. The conservation center is located 45 minutes from Anchorage and the during journey to the center, you will see some of the magnificent mountains view.

Rating:10/10(Great place to see all the tundra based animals with spectacular mountain background view. The animals are all quite unique especially for those who live in hot and humid countries).

Two resting elk.

In Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, visitor have great chance to view moose from near. Viewing moose from near in wild is dangerous as their action are unpredictable.

Muskox is another wildlife which is hard to see in the wild. This animal like to fight using their hard head.

Muskox from near.

Brown bears with hanging glaciers background.

Reindeer or caribou. This animal have the largest antlers when compared to their body size.

Caribou with nice mountain background.

Reindeer/caribou from near.

Me with the reindeers.

This is how baby moose look like.

Red fox.

GPS/Coordinate: 60.821492, -148.984468
Address: Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Mile 79 Seward Highway, PO Box 949, Girdwood, Alaska 99587, USA.
Entrance fee: USD12.50 for adult and USD9.00 for child (4-12 years old).


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