Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ritter Sport Chocolate from Germany

Ritter Sport is my most favourite chocolate as the sweet level suit my taste. I like the quality and fine chocolate taste. Surprisingly, with such quality chocolate, the price of Ritter Sport chocolate are reasonable and if you were in overseas, you can get a piece of 100 gramme for 1 Euro. So far I like rum raisin flavour the most but this flavour are not available elsewhere other than in Germany. Second best flavour would be praline.

Variety of Ritter Sport chocolate brought from Frankfurt, Germany. There is a piece of Milka hazelnut chocolate that I brought which taste good as well. From all the Ritter Sport flavour, I like the rum raisin the most. However, I am not able to get it else where so far. Ritter Sport chocolate flavour from top left: rum raisin, praline, chocolate mousse, marzipan and whole hazelnut.

Ritter Sport chocolate which I brought it from Istanbul airport. Extra fine milk chocolate with 35% of cocoa.


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