Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Amazing leather clothing at The Real McCoy's @ Tokyo, Japan

The Real McCoy's is an amazing company which produce many high quality great military fashion gears. The fun thing about Japan is they have many shops selling Real McCoy's product which consist of cool leather jackets and jeans. The items produced by The Real McCoys are of high quality but of course you need to pay for the price. Their leather jacket can easily priced at 180,000 Yen to 240,000 Yen. And the shop does not participate in Japan duty free programme. So at that price, you still need to top up another 8% for the tax. The Real McCoy's leather jacket is branded as Buco. The Buco jackets especially the J24 and J100 model are the dream of leather jacket lovers. The jacket made from horsehide, have harder texture and smooth appearance makes this product well sought after and it does produce a beautiful patina when wear for a long time. The leather product does age as more you are wearing it. Anyway, all the stuff here are very expensive and it is for the serious fashion freak only. Enjoy the photos below.

The dream of leather jacket lover. Buco J24. Amazing jacket but price of over 200,000 Yen.

Huge stock of A2 leather jackets. You can basically get any size on the spot.

Japanese are fascinated with Amekaji style (American guys fashion).

A2 jacket in a cage. Wild Children.

Like in a dream world. Army Air Forces A2 flight jacket.

This is old vintage A2 flight jacket on display.

Amekaji fashion on display.

Cool J24 Buco jacket.

The J24 Buco jacket at the centre. So nice.

Many high end boots. High quality and made from high quality leather. Be prepared to spend around 100,000 Yen for one pair of these shoes.

Amekaji fashion on display. Leather bag, jackets and pairing with khakis pants.

Belts, hats, boots and shoes. Mostly leather products.

Awesome vintage settings.

Amazing collection of J24 and J100 Buco jackets.

Vintage J100 Buco horsehide cafe racer jacket. You can see the aging effect of this jacket. Nice brown patina colour.

Beautiful dark brown horsehide A2 Real McCoy's jacket with red satin lining.

Flight gloves. Horse hide.

Don't forget to visit The Real McCoy's shop if you visit Tokyo.

The Real McCoy's. Its time to go now. Bye.

GPS/Coordinate: 35.666160, 139.703346
Address: 6-25-8 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Public transport: Meiji jingumae Station via Tokyo metro Chiyoda or Fukutoshin line.


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