Monday, March 2, 2015

Black Thunder chocolate - Trending Japanese chocolate bar

Black Thunder is a popular Japanese chocolate bar filled with pieces of cocoa flavoured cookies and hard biscuits. Manufactured by Yuraku Confectionery Company, the chocolate bar is like Snickers bar without the peanuts but with Oreo crumbs inside. They are cheap costing around 300 Yen for 15 pieces. Its easily obtained from supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan. The main selling point of this chocolate bar are heavy texture, rich flavor, and a reasonable price. Besides Japan, the Black Thunder chocolate bar now also trending in Taiwan. If you forgot to get it from the city when you leave Japan, you can still get it from the airport.

A pack of 15 pieces of Black Thunder.

This is how each piece of Black Thunder chocolate bar look like.

Chocolate covered biscuit crumbs.


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