Thursday, March 19, 2015

Delicious pastries from Gontran Cherrier Artisan Boulanger @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

Gontran Cherrier in Shinjuku located just opposite of south exit of the busy Shinjuku station. The double storey space at Southern Terrace were steps away from Shinjuku Lumine departmental store. I was attracted into this store as I saw many people were queueing to buy their pastries and bread. I thought to have a try since I was hungry at that time. From the display outside the shop, you can already see trays of beautifully made breads and pastries. I do noticed their pastries product were very creative as well with many unexpected varieties such curry baguette, green tea scone, squid ink baguette with cumin and miso cheese bread.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. Their butter croissant covered with milky crust is the best bakery item that I have tried so far. The taste were amazing and the croissant have much butter flavour. Aromatic, buttery fragrance, soft and fluffy. Their cheese baguette with cheese and olive also good as well with balance hint of saltiness. The green tea scone have full butter flavour however were a bit too sweet).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. The bread in Gontran Cherrier is not cheap. You get good quality pastries and bread from the price that you pay. The bread range from 200 Yen to 400 Yen per piece. The scone price at 230 Yen, butter croissant at 250 Yen and cheese baguette at 250 Yen).

Broccoli cheese pie.

Danish fruits pastries.

Chocolate banana crumble.

I can't resist the delicious looking pastries and saw so many people queuing in the shop. It must be good. I brought myself 3 pieces of pastries.

Butter croissant.

Cheese baguette.

Green tea chocolate blanc scone. Sweet with marshmallow inside.

Looks like their bacon Gruyere and the olives and anchovies focaccia bread were their best seller. You can see it only left a few here.

They even have charcoal like black baguette.

Assorted of buns some with herbs and bacon.

They are expert in producing delicious French baguette as well.

Variety of pastries and bread to choose from.

Tout chaud bread.

The environment inside Gontran Cherrier bakery shop.

Gontran Cherrier Artisan Boulanger located across the road from west exit of Shinjuku station.

GPS/Coordinate: 35.687614, 139.700376
Address: 2-2-1 Yoyogi | 1F・2F Shinjuku Southern Terrace, Shibuya 151-0053, Tokyo Prefecture
Public transport: Shinjuku station via JR lines or Tokyo metro.


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