Thursday, March 5, 2015

Freshest sushi at Daiwa Sushi @ Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Daiwa sushi is one of the famous sushi shop serving freshest sushi outside the Tsukiji fish market. Daiwa sushi always rank second behind sushi Dai in term of sushi quality in any review that you can find online. I decided to try out Daiwa sushi to know the difference of sushi taste compared to other sushi restaurant within Tokyo. They have no line when I arrived around 11.00am compared to Sushi Dai which still have long queue. The sushi prepared were so fresh and the chef put the correct amount of wasabi and soy sauce on the sushi. The taste were perfect. I am fortunate to have the old chef sushi master to prepare my meal. The sushi prepared were well balanced in term of fish thickness, rice quantity, soy sauce and wasabi. Sea urchin here were surprisingly sweet unlike some which are bitter. The seat inside the restaurant were extremely cramped and do prepared for it.

Taste:10/10(Excellent. The sushi were very fresh and the taste is different when compared to normal sushi restaurant. The secret is probably the sushi were made on the spot and the correct amount of wasabi and soy sauce were added by sushi chef. This way you can ensure that the correct amount of wasabi and soy sauce were used. I noticed that the squid sushi were extremely buttery and creamy taste unlike some other places which are rubbery).
Price:2/10(Expensive. The restaurant does not accept credit cards and make sure you have enough cash. Their omakase set - chef choice price at 3,500 Yen. Their sushi price is higher than their competitor sushi Dai their omakase only have 10 pieces of sushi compared to sushi Dai 12 pieces).

Busy restaurants outside Tsukiji market.

Get a seat in Daiwa sushi restaurant. I ordered the 3,500 Yen omakase sushi set.

Omakase sushi set start with 3 pieces of premium sushi.

The fatty tuna sushi or toro were cut squared. It does taste better and creamy.

The sushi came so fast and I busy taking pictures of it.

Their sea urchin were surprisingly sweet and delicious. Unlike some other sushi restaurant in Tokyo that their sea urchin has bitter taste.

My sushi was prepared by this most senior sushi chef.

Not enough with their omakase meal, I ordered additional sushi. Their ikura were fresh and the fish roe were shining.

Last picture before I left Daiwa sushi. Good meal.

Its almost 12 noon now, the restaurant prepared to close. Do come here during weekday to expect shorter queue.

GPS/Coordinate: 35.663705, 139.769599
Address: 5-2-1 Tsukiji | Tsukiji Fish Market Bldg. No.6, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture.
Public transport: Tsukiji station on Hibiya line Tokyo metro or Tsukijishijo station on Toei Oedo line.


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