Thursday, April 2, 2015

Amazing tall trees at Muir Woods National Monument @ Mill Valley, California

Visited Muir Woods National Monument as part of the Dylan's Famous Tour of San Francisco. The park was beautiful and its quite crowded. The main objective to come here is to watch the amazing redwood trees which was absolutely tall and beautiful. As time is quite limited as we only have 1 hour, we only manage to walk the main trail which was wonderful. Initially we thought of going to Yosemite National Park but as our time in San Francisco is quite limited, we took the city tour with Muir Woods as part of the itinerary instead. Muir Woods trails are easy to walk as its flat and if you like photography, there are much photo opportunity here. Enjoy the photos that I took when visiting Muir Woods in Sep 2014. The weather at that time were good with temperature of around 15 C.

Welcome to Muir Woods National Monument.

Huge tall trees.

As you walk deeper, the air was so refreshing and cooler temperature. Tall trees meaning multiple layers of canopy which blocks of sunlight from reaching the ground.

Many great trees here.

You can fit on the hole underneath the tree.

This is to show how tall the trees are. Most of the trees here reached more than 100 metres.

Comfortable walk.

cross section of Redwood tree.

Me with Muir Woods signboard.

This was the van used for us to come to Muir Woods.

GPS/Coordinate: 37.895339, -122.578103
Entrance fee: USD7.00
Address: 1 Muir Woods Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941, United States.


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