Thursday, April 2, 2015

Delicious sushi supper at Sushi Zanmai @ Akihabara, Tokyo

Sushi Zanmai is a famous sushi chain restaurant in Japan. I like the outlet located in Akihabara as it near to the place that I stay in Tokyo, reasonable price, fresh and open for 24 hours. Since I am going back on the next day morning, having premium sushi as supper here is a bliss. For those who can't speak Japanese, no problem as they have English menu. This is good option for you to have good sushi while visiting Japan.

Taste:10/10(Excellent. Really fresh sushi and taste great. The best is still their fatty tuna. The fatty tuna is delicious and sweet).
Price:4/10(Near expensive. Although the price is on the high side, but it worth it. I ordered 12 pieces of ala carte sushi at 3600 Yen plus tax. This price is very reasonable if you compared it to other sushi restaurants in Tokyo).

Fatty tuna (toro). 398 Yen.

Medium fatty tuna. 298 Yen.

Conger eel sushi. 398 Yen.

Ebi prawn sushi. 298 Yen.

Surprisingly they took the prawn head to fry. Delicious and crispy.

Shima-aji sushi. 198 Yen.

Scallop sushi. 128 Yen

Snow crab sushi. 198 Yen.

Sea urchin sushi. 398 Yen.

Flounder's fin sushi. 198 Yen.

Crab paste sushi. 128 Yen.

Fresh ikura/salmon roe. 248 Yen.

Sitting at counter enjoying sushi preparation by the chefs.

Coordinate: 35.699066,139.774825
Tokyo metro: JR Akihabara station. Walk towards Yodobashi Akiba (the largest electric store in Akihabara). The restaurant is located at ground floor. Be prepared to queue if you come around lunch time at around 12.00pm or dinner around 8.00pm.


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