Monday, May 18, 2015

Beautiful Bondi beach @ Sydney, Australia

Bondi is very well known that I think some people will be disappointed when they discover it is 'just a beach'. It's a suburban beach. There are nicer beaches elsewhere but this beach is close to Sydney city and you can hear the strong waves sound which can be quite impressive. It's a trendy place which might not be apparent to some visitors. Try to relax and people watch. The best thing is the beach having free wifi access. You can relax surfing the net which enjoying the peacefulness of waves and breezy wind. Since I am not a beach person, but I find it quite a relaxing place! At the edge of Bondi beach, you will pass by & be amazed on some of great architectural houses in Bondi area.

Bondi beach scenery.

Nice view!

Bondi Pavilion with many shops inside.

Scenery around Bondi beach.

Bondi beach have a proper pedestrian lane.

Amazing houses at the edge of the beach.

Life guard tent. Beware of sharks.

Loco Project .com

Cloudy day when I visit Bondi beach.

Sandy beach with strong waves.

Weird statue at Bondi beach.

Biddigal reserve.

View from Biddigal reserve.

Houses with view of Bondi beach and Bondi beach as backyard.

Another view at different angle.

Ben Buckler Spearfishing information.

Legal bag and size limits for saltwater species.

Ben Buckler headland.

Abandoned blue boats beside the Bondi beach.

Different view.

Sam Fiszman Park.

Nearby Sam Fiszman Park. Houses beside Bondi at higher ground.

Amazing houses around Bondi.

GPS/Coordinate: -33.890550, 151.277327
Address: Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Pavilion, Bondi, Sydney NSW 2026, Australia.
Public transport: Bondi Junction train station. Then connect to bus 381 to Bondi beach.


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