Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dark shoyu broth ramen from Shinpuku Saikan @ Nagano, Japan

This ramen is the largest portion of ramen I ever seen. I didn't expect the ramen to be such huge bowl with all the ingredients. Shinpuku Saikan ramen originated in Kyoto have an outlet in Nagano. Since this is the first time I tried dark shoyu broth ramen, I was surprised by the dark color of their soup. After simmering chicken and pork bones thoroughly, their secret special rich sauce made from Kyoto-made soy sauce is added. Though the dark colour of the soup makes the soup looks very strong, the taste is surprisingly light. The ramen bowl that I have consist of straight noodles, slices of roast pork, plenty of chopped green onions, bean sprouts, two eggs (one raw and ajitama egg), bamboo shoots and the soup create a perfect match. Surprisingly this bowl contains 8 pieces of roast pork!

Taste:8/10(Good. Shinpuku Saikan ramen seems to be a healthier option of ramen as it contains balanced amount of vegetables and meat. The roasted pork or char siu is good with tender noodles. Ajitama egg were perfectly done and taste good. My only comment were the bamboo shoots are a bit crunchy. Would be better if softer).
Price:7/10(Moderate. This bowl of ramen is a good deal if you are big eater. Priced at 1,100 Yen, you get 8 pieces of roast pork, plenty of bamboo shoots and two eggs. The noodles portion is huge and you can drink the soup as well if you don't mind the saltiness of the soup).

Shinpuku Saikan ramen. Contains all the ingredient that a bowl of ramen should have.

Lovely dinner.

Ramen noodles. Slightly different type of noodles.

Ajitama egg.

The cook busy preparing ramen. You can sit at the counter or individual table. Its open kitchen concept. You can watch all the ramen preparation process if you sit at the counter.

Environment inside the restaurant.

Visit this ramen restaurant in Nagano if you looking for budget eat.

GPS/Coordinate: 36.645297, 138.187291
Address: Nagano-ken, Nagano-shi, Minaminagano, Kitaishidōchō, Japan.
Opening hours: 7.30am until 10.00pm.
Public transport: 10 minutes walk from Nagano station.
Website: Shinpuku Saikan (Japanese)


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