Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Three Michelin star dinner at Le Bernardin Restaurant @ New York, USA

I went there for dinner to try out their famous meal. Eating in their main dining room is too much hassle that they need a blazer or dress in suit. Main dining room also requires reservation far ahead of time. Since my time in New York is limited, I choose to have their lounge menu instead. With the hype surrounding this restaurant, I expect the food to be among the best. However, not all the items that I ordered was excellent. I really coming here to be impressed but somehow they have not met my expectation. The restaurant atmosphere and the main dining room was grand and nice.

Taste:8/10(Good. The restaurant were nice and food were good but it's not outstanding which I think a 3 Michelin star restaurant should have. I have tasted other one Michelin star restaurants which served much tastier food. Service were great and very formal. I was very satisfied with the warm lobster with truffle. The dish were excellent and taste great. The Le Bernardin salmon rillette were quite normal. Nothing to shout about the oyster as its come in its natural form which was barely touched. I liked the hazelnut praline as the chocolate were rich and good praline flavour).
Price:1/10(Very expensive. Oyster priced at USD4.00 per piece, salmon rillette at USD22.00, lobster with truffle "en brioche" at USD27.00 and hazelnut praline at USD22.00. Total bill exclude tax and tips were USD83.00).

Highly rated Le Bernardin of New York. Often quoted as the top restaurant in New York.

Bread and butter. Not impressive.

Oyster of East coast and West coast varieties. Served with vinaigrette.

Le Bernardin's salmon rillette with toast. This meal was not impressive. The salmon rillette is almost like canned salmon bread spread.

Salmon rillette spread on toast.

Warm lobster and truffle "en Brioche". This is the best meal of this dinner.

Hazelnut Praline - flourless hazelnut cake, Gianduja mousse, orange curd and Praline ice-cream.

Environment inside Le Bernardin, New York.

My ticket to store my items at reception.

GPS/Coordinate: 40.761629, -73.981921
Address: 155 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019, United States
Public transport:7th Avenue station via B, D or E train/50 street station via train 1/49th Street via N, Q or R train.
Opening hours: Weekday 12.00pm to 2.30pm;5.15pm to 10.30pm. Saturday:5.15pm to 11.00pm. Sunday closed.


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