Monday, December 25, 2017

Rock Chop food delivery

Rock Chop is a new food delivery option in Klang Valley. I am among their first customer to try out this food option. Rock Chop is actually a budget option of dahmakan. Its a bit hard for dahmakan to drop their price since they have probably sold many food packages and its better for them to cater for more premium market segment. The new Rock Chop food quality however, is not up to my expectation. The price is slightly lower about RM15 which is RM6 less, but the food options are mostly fried, less healthy and lesser quality when compared to dahmakan. The food options are not interesting and can be easily get from the economical rice stalls. The options that they have are salted butter chicken, kung pao chicken, sweet & sour chicken, orange chicken and cashew chicken.

Taste:5/10(So-so. The salted butter chicken ordered were soggy and oily. Cheese cake were watery at the bottom. Taste rather normal and nothing to shout about).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. The quality of food is under expectation. For RM15 meal, the food quality is far lesser when compared to dahmakan. Most of the menu are fried which I doubt the freshness of the ingredients used. No vegetable option from the menu is also a drawback. Quantity wise is good).

Ordered Rock Chop salted butter chicken. Simpler packaging compared to dahmakan.

Presentation wise is ok. I do like the bigger rice portion.

Chicken however a bit soggy and taste normal.

Come with free cheese cake which is watery at the bottom.

Available via Rock Chop website:


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