Saturday, December 24, 2005

King Kong (2005) Review

I watched King Kong (2005) in IMAX cinema and this is my opinion:

1. Great Computer-generated imagery (CGI). Worthy for best visual effect Oscar. King kong and T-rex look real.
2. It is a advanture, romance, thriller and action movie.
3. Insect attack scene was sick to watch.
4. Audience can feel the relationship between King kong and Ann. The emotion that the actors portrayed really got to everyone in the theater.
5. New York city looks real and quite details with historical perspective of the 1930.
6. The battle between king kong and T-rex was fun to watch.

1. First hour is quite boring. This movie shouldn't be too long. It can be cut to two and a half hours.
2. This movie didn't show how they transported King Kong from Skull Island to New York.
3. The plot was unbelievable. Carl Denham can't die and always lucky. Ann scream can be heard miles away. The entire crew of the ship leaves to rescue one woman, and more than half of them don’t come back!
4. Quite a number of characters manage to avoid being smushed by the dinosaur herd.
5. Repetition of ship scece sailing at the sea is awful to watch.

Overall rating: B+


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