Saturday, April 29, 2006

5 Science Class of 1999 Gathering

After long 6 years, we finally meet each other again. We meet at
Restoran Sate Kajang Haji Samuri Klang branch. In terms of appearance
there are no major change on each other as I can still recognize each
of them. However, got one girl that I don't really recognize. I thought
she is another girl. When I said I don't recognize you, she gets angry.
But when I said you getting prettier until I don't recognize you, she
gets happy again. Haha... During our gathering, we chit-chat not stop
because too much to catch up. Just like summarise 6 years stories into
4 hours. Most of them have started working already. One of my friends
who works in Kuantan, knows my ex-hostel friend. This is a very small
world indeed. I never thought that there are three of my classmate who
work in my current company. But they all left already for several

Friday, April 7, 2006

USB Portable Hard Disk

1. Cheaper per Gigabyte for storage capacity. RM6 per Gigabyte compared
to RM110 per Gigabyte for USB thumb drive.
2. Larger capacity. Can store or copy almost anything without worry
running out of storage.
3. Can function as second hard disk.
4. Can create a portable OS (Operating system). For PCs or laptop that
support USB booting.

1. Must handle with care. Hard disk is a delicate device that is
sensitive to vibration and shock.
2. Difficult to carry around as the size is far bigger than thumb
3. Slow detaching time. Computer needs time to detach the drive before
can begin using.