Saturday, February 11, 2006

FM MP3 Modulator

I brought this device on this day. It works well on what it claims. The sound quality produce by this device is just the same as radio
broadcast. Anyway, this device works by converting the mp3 musics located in any storage device into FM frequency. This frequency can be received by car radio by adjusting to the correct frequency. So, you really need a FM radio in order to use this device.

It is easy to use by just plug into any 12v adaptor located in the car, select one of the seven FM modulator preset, plug storage device (can plug into portable hard disk if you have one) thru its USB port and press play. The buttons let you to advance through songs, control signal strength, start and stop.

The FM MP3 modulator package also include a audio cable that attaches to almost any CD player, DVD player, MP3 player and laptop. My only complain on this modulator is that many of its preset frequency are already occupied by local radio station. I only manage to set the frequency to 88.90 MHz. I hope in the future, no radio station will use that frequency. Or else my modulator will be useless.