Saturday, October 25, 2008

Heng Kee Bak Kut Teh @ Old Town, Petaling Jaya

Heng Kee bak kut teh served in the traditional way that is in bowls. The bak kut teh here is my favourite since I live in PJ when I was a little kid. Whenever there were good bak kut teh review or competitions, this stall will be in the list. The bak kut teh quality is still good as before and I really like their soup. The soup is lighter and you can taste the herbs in the brew. You can choose any combination of the meat offerings. Other non-meat offerings such as braised tofu pok, braised mushroom, vegetables & etoki mushroom. Raw garlic is also served and it goes well with the meats. This place is packed especially after 8pm. So, my suggestion is to come here before that time. Open from 5.30pm to 12am and closed on Mondays. This eating place is located in Old Town PJ near the Jalan Othman wet market. Address: 16, Jalan 1/10.

Taste:10/10(Excellent & delicious.The soup is nice not too thick and not too light.Meat is tender and soft.Crunchy fried cruller and best eaten after dipping into bak kut teh soup.Their tofu pok is different from others - soft & smooth.Great pork stomach - odourless, right texture and soft.This is indeed my best tasting bak kut teh so far).
Price:7/10(Moderate.Each bowl of bak kut teh is priced at RM7.50 for small, RM15 for large and RM23 for extra large.The small bowl can make one person feel full).


Busy preparing tasty bak kut teh.

Bak kut teh goes well with chili padi and garlic.

Soft and smooth tofu pok. You can't get this outside.

Crunchy crullers aka yaw char kwai or oil fried ghost!

Spare rib.

Yam yam... my favourite pork stomach.

Map on how you can get there.

MPH Distributor Warehouse Sale

Date:22-27 Oct 2008
Place:View the newspaper snapshot below.

I would say that this sale is worth for book worms to get cheap books. All books are sale at the discounted price of 40%-90%. There are also best seller books on the display. What makes this sales great is that the book condition is still good but the down side is that the books are not properly sorted by subject or title especially the value buy books. So, you have to search the whole warehouse to get/find what you want!

Find your way there!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Izzi @ Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, KL

I went to this Izzi restaurant today to celebrate birthday to our fellow colleague. Izzi is located on Jalan Sultan Ismail between Lot 10 and Seri Ratu restaurant. It offers Italian, Asian and Western food. We all plan to have their set lunch which consist of a starter, a main course, a dessert and one cup of soft drink.

Taste:6/10(Moderate.The soup of the day is failed as it is not properly stired.The delicious items are choc fudge and prawn linguine.Their soup, Cambodian chicken and brownies is below average).
Price:5/10(Near expensive.The price for the set lunch is RM12.99 but their a la carte menu is rather expensive.Some of their items are quite small.Even a normal char kueh tiau cost RM22!).

Soup of the day (starter).

Mini deep fry vegetable spring rolls (starter).

6 pcs IZZI dough balls (starter).

Caesar salad (starter).

Cambodian chicken (main course) - the chicken is quite hard and the taste is quite dissapointed.

Tom yam chicken with rice - rather spicy (main course).

Regular Margherita pizza - too much tomato puree and too sour (main course).

Prawn linguine - delicious (main course) - but portion is too small.

Carrot cake - looks oily and tasteless (dessert).

Brownies (dessert).

Choc fudge - delicious and great chocolate taste. Must try item (dessert).

Variety of cakes (dessert).

Monday, October 20, 2008

Superstar Gemini (Star Cruises) Food Review

Superstar Gemini is a cruise ship from Star Cruises. You can find spa, bar, karaoke, restaurants, pool, jacuzzi and stage performance onboard. This weekend I went for a two days cruise from Port Klang to Singapore and back to Port Klang. The cruise departs on saturday 3.00pm and disembark on Monday morning 9.00am. The experience from this cruise was nice with fellow colleagues and the environment makes you feel like you were in the Western countries. There were many westerner there. The concept of cruise is rather different there the hotel stay that we always hear. The cruise ship act as a moving hotel and transport. You don't need to backpack when you want to reach to other places. There are two inclusive restaurant on the ship: Ocean Palace which is specialized in fine dining and Mariner Buffet is more on buffet style. As for the fine dining dinner, it is break into four servings namely starter, soup, main course and dessert. Don't worry if you are vegetarian as they have menu for everyone.

Taste:9/10(Good food and delicious.Overall the food is up to the standard, classy and the western food prepared is good.The chocolate buffet however is just average. The chocolate cakes is rather dry, blend and not preserved properly.They provide four main food sessions per day: breakfast,lunch,evening tea time and dinner).
Price:2/10(Expensive.Of course the price is uncomparable with the staff price.Without discount the two days trip may cost around RM1200 per person.You are able to indulgence yourself with bottom less western food for two days).

Below are the food photos taken during the full cruise course:

My first lunch onboard. Mixed vegetables, batter fish and asparagus.

Salad with assorted fried items.

Rum raisin & chocolate ice-cream with rice puff topping and cholocate sauce.

Blueberry cake.

Cheese pie, custard cake and apple pie.

Variety fruit serving.

Variety types of chocolate confectionary.

Moist chocolate cake.

Moist chocolate cake and banana chocolate.

Photos from Chocolate Buffet during tea time session.

Chocolate buffet.

Chocolate buffet.

Chocolate buffet.

Fruit cocktail in chocolate buffet.

Chocolate buffet.

First night dinner onboard. Variety types of buns. Nice to eat it with butter.

Crispy risotto cake - mozzarella stuffing, shaved prosciutto and grilled vegetables (starter).

Caesar salad - romaine lettuce with caesar dressing, bacon bits, shaved parmesan and garlic croutons (starter).

Asian dressed seafood salad - prawns, squid and scallops with mint, coriander, chili and lime (starter).

Tomato consumme - with lemon grass and mushrooms (soup).

Tomato consumme - the object shown is like chinese wantan (soup).

Cream of sweet corn soup - with crab meat and cilantro (soup).

Crisp glazed duck breast - potato gratin, roasted grapes, sweet and sour duck jus (main course).

Beef tenderloin mignonettes - crushed new potatoes, provencal vegetables and a rich red wine jus (main course).

Asian caramelized salmon - beans braised in coconut, lemongrass and peanuts, jasmine rice (main course).

Pumpkin Tofu Plan - sweet potato straws and roasted cashew nuts (main course vegetarian).

Mango ice-cream (dessert).

Crepe souffle - with passion fruit sauce (dessert).

Coffee opera cake with chocolate ice cream (dessert).

Strawberry trifle - mascarpone custard, sponge cake and crushed strawberries (dessert).

Second day breakfast - pork sausage, beef, cheese, baked bean and turkey cold cut.

Scramble eggs, baked bean and beef.

Custom made fried eggs with bacon, green pepper, cheese and tomatoes of choice.

Custom made fried eggs white with bacon, green pepper, cheese and tomatoes of choice.

Crab, mango and cucumber - with chopped peanuts, mint and coriander (starter).

Cherry tomato tart - rocket leaves,crumbled feta and basil (starter).

Chicken consumme - with corn custard, julienne vegetables and shredded chicken (soup).

Cream of green asparagus - shitake mushrooms and creme fraiche (soup).

Dory crusted with nuts and seeds - whipped carrots, glazed snow peas and orange butter sauce (main course).

Idaho potato blinis - served with stewed bell peppers and eggplant dip (main course vegetarian).

Fillet of beef - carved roasted tenderloin, pesto mash, pine nuts, spinach and sauce bearnaise (main course).

Almond short cake - with mango and strawberry (dessert).

Mango ice cream with love letter (dessert).

Three cheeses and crackers (dessert).