Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hadramawt Kitchen - Great value middle eastern cuisine @ Glenmarie, Shah Alam

Hadramawt Kitchen located nearby the many automotive show room area in Glenmarie Shah Alam. The food is great value and taste good without burning a hole in your pocket. This is a comfortable place to dine in with families. You can choose whether to sit on normal table and chairs or Arabic seating style on low table. Order the roti Arab, appetizers and lamb rice which all good. Looks like I have found a perfect place for middle eastern food which is reasonably priced. Good food, good portion, friendly and helpful staff.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. My favourite were their Mullawah bread dipped with lamb sauce with tomato salsa sauce. Taste so good. Without knowing that Mullawah bread is quite huge, we ordered their lamb rice as well. The stewed lamb taste good and the meat was tender and delicious. The stewed version is better than their grilled lamb. Appetizer with stuffed grape leaves and hummus taste fantastic as well).
Price:7/10(Moderate. Huge piece of mullawah bread at MYR4.00, appetizer of hummus, dolma (stuffed grape leaves) and fata cheese salad at MYR18.00, lamb rice at MYR28.00, araise fruit salad at MYR10.00).

Great dinner.

Mixed lamb with delicious Briyani rice. The stewed lamb does taste better. The meat were soft and tender.

Stewed lamb.

Appetizer platter consist of hummus in olive oil, feta cheese salad, carrot with creamy yogurt.

Stuffed vine leaves or dolma and feta cheese salad on appetizer platter.

Mullawah with appetizer platter.

Delicious Mullawah or Arabic bread. The bread is soft and not oily like roti canai. The texture is firm and tender.

Araise fruit salad. Consist of almond, honey, apple, chocolate chips, banana, coconut,

Cosy and air conditioned restaurant.

Normal table and low Arabic style low table seating.

If you have four or five persons, do try out their economic or family set. Its even greater value and comes with lamb and chicken. Price at MYR59 and MYR99 respectively.

Restoran Hadramawt Kitchen (Middle Eastern and Yemeni cuisine).

GPS/Coordinate: 3.087869, 101.578185
Address: No. 13 Jalan Penguasa U1/53A Glenmarie Temasya Surai, Shah Alam 40150, Malaysia.
Public transport: 10 minutes taxi ride from Subang Komuter station.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Boat Noodles - Trendy but so-so noodles @ Klang Parade

Boat Noodles finally arrived in Klang with its outlet in Klang Parade. I have heard and read about it about their crazy queues on other outlets. However, the outlet in Klang Parade no queue at all and during lunch or dinner time, the restaurant is just full and have enough seat for everyone. Boat Noodles is currently trending probably due to their unique small serving size of noodles. The noodles dish originates from Thailand. The service were small and looks interesting. Their price of MYR1.90 per bowl serving does attract the crowd who wanted to know how the noodles taste like.

Taste:5/10(So-so. The noodles soaked in sourish broth with a small portion of beef. The broth does have beef flavour and slight spicy as well. The taste somehow does not blend well with the sourish taste of the broth with the rice noodles and the noodles is salty too).
Price:6/10(Moderate. Pricing wise is MYR1.90 per bowl. However the portion is quite small and you may need to order at least 5 to 8 bowls in order to satisfy your hunger. Eventually it may cost at least MYR15.00 plus drink to dine here).

Ordered of first two serving of Pathumthani & Ayutthaya beef rice noodles. Ayutthaya on the left while Pathumthani on the right.

Pathumthani beef noodles with small chunk of beef and vegetables. Sourish with spicy flavour. The sauce is derived from dark soy sauce. Not that spicy.

Ayutthaya beef noodles has thicker broth. More flavour and creamy compared to Pathumthani broth.

Menu describing the two distinctive flavour of broth in Boat Noodles.

Each bowl of noodles at MYR1.90.

Chicken rice noodles.

Completed 8 bowls. I personally does not like this concept as its not environmentally friendly. The worker need to clean so many bowls as the amount of noodles in each bowl is so small. This also increase the labour cost to clean all these bowls.

Boat Noodles trendy also due to their heavy presence in social media and have strong follower among the community.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.064034, 101.453231
Address: Lot 5F-07, Fifth Floor, Klang Parade, No.2112,, KM 2, Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chocolate heaven of Lindt Cafe @ Sydney, Australia

Lindt Cafe Sydney located in Martin Place not only selling drinks and place for people to enjoy their tea time but it also sells many varieties of Lindt chocolate, macaroons, crepe and ice cream. Having a good quality food place at a very crowded area is lesser nowadays. After a long day of walking and doing touristy thing, it was a nice place to stop for chocolate and sweet to recharge and adding energy. However I noticed that the service here is slow and the waiters are not attentive. I was sitting at the table for around 10-15 minutes without anyone attending to be until I raise my hand to order. I went there during evening around 5.00pm and the cafe was not busy during that time. Nevertheless, once ordered, I get my hot chocolate and caramel cake quite fast.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The chocolate caramel cake is very rich and creamy. Its very sweet as well which I like it. The dark hot chocolate taste was very rich and taste delicious).
Price:4/10(Expensive. Small piece of chocolate caramel cake at AUD9.90 and dark hot chocolate at AUD7.50).

Lindt Cafe of Martin Place Sydney.

Inside Lindt Cafe Sydney.

Having my chocolate caramel cake with small golden leaf.

Hot chocolate comes with separate very thick dark chocolate and milk.

Very thick dark hot chocolate.

Dark hot chocolate mixed with milk.

Late evening treat before heading to Sydney airport.

Globally famous Lindt Cafe at Martin Place Sydney after an unfortunate event last year.

GPS/Coordinate: -33.867975, 151.211038
Address: Level 1, 53 Martin Pl, Sydney, New South Wales 2067, Australia
Public transport: Martin Place station via train.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Budget shopping at Paddy Market @ Sydney, Australia

Paddy Market located at Haymarket area of Sydney just opposite Chinatown is a well known place to get cheap fruits, vegetables, fish, clothes and giftware. The environment in Paddy Market is more like a traditional flea market which specialising in cheap imported goods, clothes, souvenirs, Australia local produced products such leather hats and kangaroo furs. The Paddy Market is popular with tourist as they sells cheaper souvenirs. Most of the shop keeper here seems to be from Mainland China and most of the shops selling low quality phone covers and souvenirs.

Paddy market located at ground floor of Market City, Sydney.

Flea market type of environment. Here you can see many shops selling football jersey and Australian themed souvenirs.

Variety of souvenirs on sale.

Some hanky panky stuff. Pictures of sexy ladies.

Waterproof crushable leather hats.

Children and ladies clothing.

Black carrot.

Vegetables locally produced.

Australia is a multi cultural country with even herbs and spices are easily available from the market.

Animal furs shop.

Remote control helicopters.

Cheap sunglasses from China.

GPS/Coordinate: -33.879513, 151.203292
Address: 9-13 Hay Street, Haymarket, Nsw, 2000, Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Public transport: Paddy's Markets Light Rail

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Amazing Sydney view from Pylon Lookout @ Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Pylon Lookout is located on the pedestrian path on Sydney Harbour Bridge. In order to access the Pylon lookout, you need to climb the Bridge stairs on Cumberland Street. You need to climb 200 steps stairs in order to reach Pylon lookout which is 87 metres above the sea level. Once you reached at the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular view of Sydney. On the way up, there are three levels of exhibits that reveal interesting facts about the history of the bridge and the men who built it and the vision of its chief engineer, John Bradfield. No wonder this attraction is less popular compared to Sydney Tower. Pylon lookout don't have lift to get up there.

Walking on Sydney Harbour Bridge pedestrian path. Pylon lookout is just infront.

View from Pylon Lookout up there.

Description about Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Pylon lookout.

Walking up 200 steps stair.

Opening day of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge also known as giant coat hanger.

Occupational hazards of building the bridge.

Reached Pylon lookout point. Looking at Sydney Harbour Bridge structure.

Participants of Bridge climb. Very expensive at AUD200.00. View from Pylon lookout point only cost you AUD13.00.

View from Pylon lookout.

360 degree view of Pylon lookout.

GPS/Coordinate: -33.857448, 151.207759
Address: 5 Cumberland St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia.
Public transport: Circular Quay train station. Walk towards The Rocks.