Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tasty Sabah noodles at Sang Nyuk Noodles @ Subang Jaya

Sang Nyuk noodles house served Kota Kinabalu, Sabah origin noodles. Sang Nyuk means raw meat in cantonese but they serve fully cooked meat. I wondering why they have such name on their shop. I do noticed that they pork meat were cooked just nice which is tender and good. They also have delicious traditional noodles which use their special oyster sauce from Sabah. They also have special chili sauce from Sabah as well which goes well with the pork meat and noodles. The shop have television showing how their noodles were made and prepared. They have signature drink Kit Chai.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. Do order their signature homemade noodles from Sabah dry version. The noodles is tasty and comes with a bowl of pork meat and internals with soup. The soap is tasty as well and meat were tender and flavourful. The noodles is delicious but its not a healthy option as it's loaded with lard oil and soup with fatty pork. I do tried their Sabah rice noodles but the traditional noodles still better).
Price:8/10(Cheap. Dry noodles and bowl of pork goodness at MYR8.90).

Bowl of rice noodles soup with pork meat, pork balls and internals(liver and intestines).

Special rice noodles from Sabah.

Dry version of traditional noodles. The noodles does not have alkaline taste. Do order the dry version of traditional noodles. Its their signature dish.

Looks like normal noodles but its tasty. Its much better than wonton noodles texture.

The dry noodles version comes with a bowl of soup with all the goodness of pork.

Menu. Authentic recipe from Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Sang Nyuk of Subang Jaya.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.077560, 101.587832
Address: 53, Jalan SS15/4E, Subang Jaya 47500, Malaysia.

Tasty roasted chicken at Deli Rich @ Aeon Bukit Raja, Klang

Deli Rich located in Aeon Bukit Raja Klang has been around for many years. I don't even realise that they are famous for roasted chicken until my friend told me that. No wonder they can be around for years which means they have good food. I tried their roasted chicken and indeed their chicken were well done. They have many other food options such as pasta, prawn noodles, assam laksa, chicken rice, lasagna, lamb chop and nasi lemak. It's a cosy place to have meal either breakfast, lunch or dinner after shopping in Aeon Bukit Raja.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. Juicy and tender chicken. Roasted chicken served hot covered with tasty gravy with herbs & spices. Properly roasted chicken without burned parts).
Price:7/10(Moderate. The portion is quite huge. I have one whole leg and another drumstick. Comes together with mashed potato and coleslaw. The quarter roasted chicken set at MYR14.90. I also ordered watermelon juice at MYR4.50 which is thick without added water. I didn't realise that they have chicken mushroom soup. Would try that next time).

Quarter roasted chicken.

Covered with tasty gravy.

Thick watermelon juice.

Variety of menu. Roasted chicken is their signature dish.

Deli Rich store in Aeon Bukit Raja Klang.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.060196, 101.471608
Address: Aeon Bukit Raja Shopping Centre, G25 Persiaran Bukit Raja 2, Klang 41150, Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pork burger at Burgertory @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Burgertory is a famous pork burger shop in Subang Jaya. They have a variety of pork burger which includes bacon, grilled pork patty, fried pork belly and char siew. Their famous for their Big Fry Belly which is their tallest burger they ever made with plenty of crispy fried pork belly. Me ordered their pork nest as the big fry belly is too huge for me. During my visit, the place is always filled with people which proved its popularity. The burgers are served with large patties and free flow drink. When I was there, I think I am among the oldest guy as all of them are students. Teenages nowadays really can afford gourmet burger which during my time, Burger King was considered as very expensive already.

Taste:8/10(Good. Their speciality is the pork burger. The patty is juicy and flavourful. creative burger of mixing herbed cream cheese and fried wire potatoes in the burger).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. Their burger is almost double the price of normal chain restaurant burger. It's a gourmet burger. However, their burgers are huge and you get special pork burger which not many restaurant having it. I just took their ala carte pork nest burger at MYR16.50 and free flow of drink at MYR5.50. Prices are GST inclusive).

Burgertory is very popular among the student crowd from the nearby colleges in Subang Jaya. Your clothes will smell of pork/bacon when you leave. They should have a better ventilation to avoid the smell spread from kitchen to dining area.

Waiting for my burger to come. Eat me!

Having their pork nest burger. Its comes with crunchy fried wire potatoes and herbed cream cheese serve with grilled Italian Zucchini.

The buns with some poppy seeds at the top.

Crunchy fried wire potatoes.

The cross section of the burger.

Burgertory of SS15 Subang Jaya

GPS/Coordinate: 3.073669, 101.588088
Address: 8A, 1st floor, SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday. 6.00pm to 11.00pm.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Delicious fusion dinner at Sion Dining & Bar @ Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Sion Dining and Bar located on upper floor of a shop lot in Ara Damansara. This is a stylish restaurant suitable for couples, anniversary or birthday event as the environment is quite romantic. The restaurant also have long counter seating lined with wine glasses. They have a huge selection of wine which you can select from their wine cellar. For those who prefer beer, they also have varieties of beer from local, Japanese or German beer. Their menu is quite unique offering fusion food between Japanese, French and Spanish. Most of the food here contains cheese. If you are a cheese lover, you will like this place. The owner of this restaurant seems like Marilyn Monroe so much as her pictures are everywhere in the restaurant. This restaurant is quite popular among the Japanese expatriates who are working around Subang area.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. I like their ering mushroom with butter sauce which is delicious. The mushroom cooked with delicious butter sauce with slight saltiness and cheesy taste. Then it was topped with shiso leaves which complements the mushroom flavour. Their Iberico pork hamburger were good as well. The meat was tender and juicy).
Price:3/10(Expensive. They have house wine pour of MYR25.00 per glass. I ordered Iberico pork hamburger at MYR36.00 and pan fried ering mushroom with butter sauce at MYR23.00).

Sion dining and bar.

Environment in the restaurant on long table.

Proper table seating area.

Preparation for dinner.

Marilyn Monroe.

Pan fried ering mushroom with butter sauce.

The sauce were excellent.

Iberico pork hamburger.

Cooked with vegetables, herbs and tomatoes.

Tender and juicy pork. Having slight fat on it which makes it taste good and not dry.

Variety of wines, champagnes and beers available for order.

Wine cellar.

Wine glasses.

Decoration on the table.

Variety of wine corks.

Diploma of Sommelier. The chef is well trained in wine and food pairing.

This restaurant is good for drinking and well recommended.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.120499, 101.579306
Address: B-1-16, 1st Floor, Block B, Jalan PJU 1A/20A, Dataran Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday, 6.30pm-11.30pm

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Second visit to Zenki Japanese Restaurant @ Bukit Tinggi, Klang

This is my second visit to Zenki after having good sashimi here during my first visit. This time I tried their salmon belly sushi, salmon head, fried rice and grilled chicken rice. Their raw fish seafood items were still fresh.

Taste:8/10(Good. Their food is still good. The highlight were their shake mentai. Its grilled perfectly with taste of fish roe. Their unagi fried rice is fragrant with many chunk of unagi. Ikura and salmon belly sushi were fresh and fish roe bursting in my mouth. Grilled fish head salmon was slight over cooked and have burned parts. However, the fish head taste were still good).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. Salmon belly sushi at MYR7.80, unagi fried rice at MYR15.80, grilled chicken rice at MYR16.80, ikura at MYR9.80, grilled salmon with roe (shake mentai) at MYR20.80, grilled fish head salmon at MYR15.80 and green tea at MYR1.00. Great thing is the pricing already included service charge and GST. Pricing wise is quite reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food served).

Unagi fried rice. It comes with a bowl of miso soup.

Shake mentai. Grilled salmon with fish roe. Its slightly grilled briny and creamy marinated fish roe.

Fresh salmon belly and ikura sushi.

Grilled chicken rice.

Grilled salmon fish head. Its tasty however have burned parts and outer layer slightly dry.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.009236, 101.434044
Address: 41-G Lorong Batu Nilam 5, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.