Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Labi electrical store @ Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Visiting to electrical stores in Japan is always facinating. They have many choices of item even for a same simple product. You can see that each products is neatly arranged and fully optimize the available space. However, the price here is not friendly as its quite expensive :-P

SD memory cards.

Childhood favourite. Baja Hitam.

Many kinds of toys available.

Compose machine. I am sure we don't have it here in Malaysia. They are very environment friendly until buy a machine to produce own natural fertilizer.

Different type and shape of washing machine here.

Even fridge are all modern type.

The disc technology is advance here. No more DVD. All blue-ray.

Network devices.

Even camera bags you have many choices.

GPS/Coordinate: 35.731836, 139.713573
Public transport: Ikebukuro station via Tokyo metro.
Address: 〒171-0022 Tōkyō-to, Toshima-ku, Higashiikebukuro, 1 Chome−41−1.

Cat Street @ Harajuku, Tokyo

Cat Street is the spiritual home of Tokyo’s vibrant street fashion culture. It is still the main conduit for funky dressed teens on shopping sprees in Tokyo. A winding road that traces the old Shibuya River, which stretches from either side of Omote-sando avenue. On the north side of Omote-sando is the heart of Ura-Harajuku, where many young designers have unique boutiques. On the south side is a pedestrian street that takes you to Shibuya in only 15 minutes.

In order to access Cat Street, you may stop by this Harajuku Yamanote line station.

So many people even on weekday.

Tokyu Plaza. Weird building with many mirrors.

Overlooking Omotesando street while crossing the head bridge to Cat Street.

Candy Show Time shop.

The staff are making candies.

Colourful and funky candies.

Pig Sty used clothing.

Castillo De Handa. Its a shop selling souvenirs.

Shops on Cat Street.

Coordinate/GPS: 35.667146,139.706428
Tokyo metro: Harajuku station (Yamanote line), Omotesando exit or Meiji-Jingumae (Chiyoda line), exit 4.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Merci Chocolate & Ritter Sports

I am a favourite of Merci and Ritter sports chocolate. Their chocolate is strong in chocolate flavour and not overly sweet. In Europe, the chocolate is very cheap compared to Malaysia. If you happen to visit Amsterdam, you can get it cheap from any Albert Heijn stores in Amsterdam.

Merci chocolate with 8 different flavour. In Amsterdam, this is just around MYR8.50. But in Malaysia, it priced at MYR24.50.

Fine extra dark chocolate. Brought this in Albert Heijn for only MYR4.00 a piece. In Malaysia, the standard price would be MYR9.90.

Tokyu Food Show @ Shibuya, Tokyo

Tokyu food show located at Shibuya is another famous depachika in Tokyo. Here you can sample a variety of food for free! The food courts are a critical resource for busy commuters picking up a late dinner, and during non-rush hours, a fun place to wander around and try different dishes. Sushi, sashimi, yakitori and tempura will have plenty to choose from.

Tokyu Food Show located at the underground of Tokyu.

Variety of sashimi packs.

Sushi/sashimi dinner pack. Very nicely decorated and done.

Nicely baked bread.

The expensive honeydew which usually for present. The price can even reached up to 12,000 Yen!

Variety of fried savoury.

Preserved fruits.

Variety of swiss rolls.

The famous Shibuya crossing outside.

Address: Beneath Shibuya station, 2-24-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku.
Coordinate/GPS: 35.659188,139.701148
Metro station: Shibuya.

Oedo Sushi @ Ameyoko, Tokyo

During my first day of visit in Tokyo, I arrived at around 11.00am. By the time I reached my hotel and check in, it was about 2.00pm. Without any eating place in mind, I took the metro to Ueno station and head to Ameyoko street for quick lunch before having a short walk in Ueno Park. I went into this sushi shop as I attracted to their lunch sushi set which the price are quite attractive.

Taste:8/10(Delicious. The sushi are fresh and good. I love to have sashimi on the sushi that they have).
Price:6/10(Moderate. The twelve pieces of sushi cost 850 Yen. Good deal and value for money. They have other set lunch as well. So find it out when you are in Tokyo).

Come to Oedo Sushi shop in Ameyoko street, Tokyo.

As usual, they have hot green tea. In Tokyo, I noticed that the green tea are roasted and quite flavourful when compared to Malaysia.

They also have kaiten belt sushi.

I took this 12 pieces of premium set sushi. So colourful and nice presentation.

The sushi are fresh and good.

Coordinate/GPS: 35.710914,139.775078
Metro: Ueno Station exit to Ameyoko street.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tokyo Metro

Tokyo Metro is one of two rapid transit systems which make up the Tokyo subway system, the other being Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Toei). This is the mostly used subway system in the world. The trains and stations are so clean and well maintained although some of the trains I believe are quite old.

Waiting for train at Minami Senju station.

The train for Fukutoshin line (no 13).

At Shinjuku station on M08.

Clear signboard leading you for train transfer or exit.

Tokyo Metro at "Meiji-jingumae".

Tokyo Subway system map.

Delicious Stroopwafels & Sweet stuff from Amsterdam

Amsterdam in Holland has many kinds of sweet food stuff to try on. I like their stroopwafels. The sweetness is amazing and suit my taste. Its so sweet and packed with strong caramel flavour. The toasted waffles makes stroopwafels even better.

Daelmans famous stroopwafels.

This is how mini stroopwafels look like.

Large size stroopwafels from Albert Heijn. Good stuff but sticky. For those who don't know what is Albert Heijn, its a famous supermarket chain in Holland.

Snelle Jelle. This spice cake is made from rye flour. If you like cinnamon, then you will like this cake.

Wilhelmina peppermint candy.

Windmill @ Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans located in Zaandam, Netherlands has one of the best view of windmill in Netherlands. Some of the windmills are still functioning and are open to visitors.

Craftsman workshop.


Nice view of windmill.

There are a few cheese shop here where you can visit and try out their cheese samples. Really amazed with the cheese selection that they have. I am full trying out all their cheese samples :-)

Traditional Dutch wooden house.

Windmill from near. The weather is cloudy.

Inside windmill. Look at the huge gear.

I am up the windmill.

View from top of windmill.

Reached at the top. Must take a photo :-)

Lovely country side.

Herd of goats.

Zeilenmakerspad street

Traditional Dutch wooden shoes.

Remember. Bus 391.

Bus: Take Connexxion bus 391 from Amsterdam Central Station which has its terminus right beside the main entrance of the Zaanse Schans. The bus ride takes you there in around 40-45 minutes and the bus leaves every 30 minutes (in rush hours even more frequently). The bus link at Central Station is at the bus station at the east side of the main station entrance, at the bridge. The bus will stop just outside of Zaanse Schans where you can just walk in.
Coordinate: 52.473305,4.820981


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