Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sponsored lunch pack from Navitaire conference @ Park City, Utah

We take away the lunch pack for our breakfast the next day.
Taste:8/10(The sandwiches is quite good. I love the biscuits provided).
Price: Free.

Cute package with lunch set inside. Delicious sandwich of choice - ham, turkey, bacon & vegetarian, pasta, apple & biscuits.

Bacon & ham sandwich.

Nutritious pasta.

Beef sandwich.

There is no chili sauce here. Mayonnaise, mustard(I hate it) & tomato sauce.

Malaysia Airlines 21 hours flight Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur (Business Class)

I am quite lucky to be able to come back to Malaysia via MAS business class. Business class for LAX-KUL is hard to get because the flight is frequently full. But because of more than 4 passengers no show on that day, I am able to get the seat. Since I went to Los Angeles by economy class, I am able to tell you the difference.
The main difference would be the seats. Business class seat is of course larger and with controls to adjust the seat. The seat can be transformed into bed if necessary. Not like in economy class, you need to consider the person who sits behind you when you want to adjust your seat lower.
Another difference would be on the food. On business class, there are many food selection for each meals and the portion is bigger. The flight stewardess will stuff you with lots of food so that you can fall asleep easier :-)
The third difference would be the environment. The environment is more quiet and the lightning is individually controlled. The space is larger so you have extra leg room. You will also get faster response from the flight stewardess as well. In my opinion, the flight stewardess provide excellent service on both business & economy class.

Menu book.

Malaysian satay. Taste good.

Seared Ahi tuna.

Lemon chicken tajine. I am not used to Bulghur wheat salad.

Midnight snack.

Light snack.Muesli, fruit juice and fruits.

Breakfast. Filled fresh crepe with scrambled eggs.

Light meal after transit from Taiwan.

Nasi lemak.

Outside view.

Ye Olde King's Head @ Santa Monica Beach City, Los Angeles, California

Taste:8/10(Good lamb chop with sour sauce. Good service).
Price:USD 20 for the lamb chop and hot chocolate.

It was a day after Halloween. The internal deco still full with Halloween theme docorations. Spider web...

Hot chocolate.

The lamb, sauce, vegetables & sweet potato is good. The downside is the grilled potato. Rather hard and dry.

116 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, California 90401-2202
Phone:(310) 451-1402

No Name Saloon & Grill @ Park City Main Street, Utah

Serve Western American food. Good portion, taste fantastic and best value.

Taste:9/10(The breakfast set is well done and has its own distinctive flavour. Portion is big and you may skip lunch after having this).
Price: Around USD 7-14 per set with drinks.

Two eggs with potato

Boritto with eggs.

Bacon sandwich. The bacon is crispy and delicious. Can't get this in Malaysia.

American style.

Cowboy style environment. So classic!

Jack Daniel's barrel on the top floor of the restaurant.

Blogger note: They no longer provide breakfast. Only lunch and dinner.

Coordinate/GPS: 40.643848,-111.496184
447 Main Street
Park City, Utah 84060
Phone:(435) 649-6667

Friday, November 27, 2009

Tenno sushi @ Japanese town, Los Angeles, California

Taste:8/10(The food here is good and the sushi is well prepared. I notice that American sushi have one ingredient in common. They like to use avocado in their sushi).
Price:The bento set cost around USD 16.

Sushi preparation counter.

Bento set with sweet pork, tempura, sushi, salad and a piece of orange.

Almost the same set as the bento set shown above but without tempura.

209 South Central Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90012
Phone:(213) 625-0602

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lucky's cafe @ Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas, Nevada

Serve Western type of breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Taste:8/10(Good. Since they don't have meal specially for midnight supper, I have to order their breakfast set. It is still reasonable and good).
Price:6/10(Moderate. I can't remember how much this meal cost. I would think it is around USD 9-10).

This is what normally have on American restaurant tables.

Its a nice high school style cafe.

As usual, so much eggs and hush potato. Their avocado is good and pineapple is sweet. A satisfied meal.

Address: 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104-2507 (Ground floor of Stratosphere Tower).
Coordinate: 36.147059,-115.155773
Phone:(702) 383-5255

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vietnamese food at Taste of Saigon @ Park City, Utah

This is my first dinner in Park City, Utah. My boss bring us to this Vietnamese restaurant which has authentic taste just like visiting Vietnam.

Taste:7/10(The chicken meat in the glass noodles if rather blend and the meat is over cooked. However, other dishes is quite ok).
Price: Around USD 6-16 per meal.

Deep fry spring roll & Non-fry spring roll. The taste is fantastic.

The spring roll is nicely done with prawn, rice vercimili, vegetables & transparent wrap. Dip with peanut sauce and carrot sour sauce.

Glass noodle with chicken meat. The chicken meat is too much and not salty enough!

Beef noodles.

Coordinate: 40.645562,-111.496801
Address: 580 Main St Park City, UT 84060
Phone: (435) 647-0688

Bow Hon Restaurant @ Chinatown, San Francisco

Specialized in wok dishes, dim sum & noodles.

Taste:7/10(Overall the food is moderate. The taste can't beat the Malaysian version of the same food there).
Price:USD 21 for all the food shown in the picture below.


Prawn dumpling. They charge extra USD 1 for dinner.

Fried noodles with broccoli beef and spring roll.

Lotus leaf rice.

Its a disapointment after I open it. One is the colour which tell me it is not salty enough and second, it does not have much meat and top up.

Decoration in the restaurant.

Address: 850 Grant Avenue
San Francisco, California 94108-1709
Phone:(415) 362-0601
Coordinate: 37.795051,-122.406428

MGM Grand Buffet (MGM Hotel & Casino) @ Las Vegas, Nevada

Taste:6/10(The buffet is quite moderate in terms of taste. Nothing much to shout about. The fried chicken is not up to par, oyster not big & fresh enough and normal desserts. There is some variety here but not much).
Price:USD 17 per person for lunch.

This is MGM Grand.

MGM Grand buffet.

Nice internal deco with celebrities and superstars.

Sushi & fruits.

In this plate, only the Mexican part is nice.

I would advise, don't try their fried rice. Look at the drumstick. So thin. Maybe chicken in Vegas not enough liquid and food.

Only this chocolate dessert I like. The one on the plate.

After meal, heading out to the casino area.

Address: 3799 Las Vegas Blvd South,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89136