Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Aero Cafe Racer Horsehide Leather Jacket

Aero Leather is famous for producing the great quality leather jacket. They are famous for the heavy horsehide highwayman jacket. Each jacket produced is unique and never the same. Because of the rare tannery which produce good quality leather, the jacket produced is expensive as it is still hand made and require specialized skills. Most of the time, the jacket is purchased by motorcyclist and leather lovers. Due to the casual style of this leather jacket, you may purchase it for casual weather during cold season. Not necessary that you need to ride motorcycle then only you can buy the jacket. Its looks cool and badass.

This Aero Leather cafe racer horsehide is simply beautiful when breakin. Made from Chromexcel leather from Horween of Chicago. The jacket is heavy and treated with chrome and vegetable. Initial wear, you will notice some lost of colour and reveal the underneath brown original leather colour. However, this is normal and the lost of colour will stop within 1 month of wear. The jacket is purposely made to lose colour in order to have the vintage and breakin feel.

Behind the jacket.

Front pocket zipper.

Front neck button.

Aero Leather. Made in Scotland.

Aero Cafe Racer horsehide in brown.

Thick and heavy Aero leather jacket.

Where to get: Insurrection Apparel & Boots, 8403 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, United States.
GPS/Coordinate: 47.689965, -122.355540
public transport: Bus no 5 from Seattle Downtown to Greenwood.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lewis Leathers Lightning 402T (Tight Fit)

Lewis Leathers from London, United Kingdom produced high quality and stylish motorcycle leather jacket. Their tight fit version of leather jacket is very popular especially in Asia region of Japan and Taiwan. The great thing about this Lightning 402T model (tight fit) is that its makes the wearer looks cool. The leather is not overly thick which allow for casual wear or during summer. However be caution if you are motorcycle rider as this jacket may not provide the needed protection in case of fall. This model of leather jacket (lightning 402T) is popular due to clean front and have a nice button at the bottom. You can easily get this from London, Sydney or Tokyo. However, London have the best price and you are able to claim for VAT.

Lewis Leathers lightning 402T leather jacket.

The back of the leather jacket.

Lewis Leather lightning 402T in blue.

These are how cool people wearing Lewis Leather jackets. White leather jacket is nice but its hard to take care.

Lewis leather in black colour looks nice when pair with khaki pants and fancy belt.

Brand new Lewis Leather jacket.

Black and turquoise colour of Lewis leathers.

You can customize the leather jacket and choose the colour that you like. However, this means long waiting time unless you are very fortunate to be able to match exact size and colour.