Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lavender Cake

My colleague brought a blueberry cheese cake from Pavilion Lavender to celebrate our manager's birthday. We are successful in organizing this surprise party. But the cake is rather small in size. I definately don't expect the cake to be that small and to be shared to the whole IT department!

Taste: 8/10(good)
Price: 3/10(expensive for the size)

Cheese cake for our manager

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ole-Ole Bali @ Sunway Pyramid

My department have a farewell dinner for a colleague in this restaurant. From the photos, the foods looks good.

Taste: I am unable to comment on it since I am not there!
Price: 3/10(expensive)

Lime juice. Looks sour enough.

Anchovies with peanuts sambal.

I not sure what platter it this. Enjoy the photo.

Enjoy the photo.

Enjoy the photo.

This seafood platter looks rich.

Salad platter.

This is how the restaurant board looks like.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hawker Stalls

Looks like my target of exploring new places in Bukit Bintang area progressing well. My target is to go to new area/eating place every 2-3 days. This time I am going to introduce hawker stalls aka "Pasar Tani" just beside the MAS building (Jalan Tengah). The "Pasar Tani" is here everyday but there are more stalls on Friday. Many items were sold here such as kerepek, clothes, food, fruits, kitchen utensils & kuih. Nice place to shop for snacks to resist hunger especially during evening!

Hawker stalls shot from MAS building.

Picture taken from another angle.

Star Hill Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

This luxury shopping complex is situated just beside Pavillion offers many International branded items to consumer. Bravo for YTL for building such a creative & outstanding architecture. But this shopping complex tend focus to the higher end & the elites. There is a Japanese buffet restaurant worth trying - Jagoya on third floor.

Beautiful design with transparent lift.

Corridor leading to the JW Marriott hotel.

Well placed & lighted artificial plants.

Stage with live band instruments & piano.

Roof top.

Main lobby.

Well decorated restaurant.

Cute lighting leading to restaurants area.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay in Kuala Lumpur

This time I am able to experience myself an International event that is held around KL. The relay pass by Jalan Sultan Ismail and I am able to watch the olympic torch bearer in person. Most of my colleagues went down to cheer, support & took pictures, video for the event.


Buses & crowd follow the Olympic torch.

Waiting for the Olympic torch to arrive.

Cheer team from Samsung as sponsor.

View from another angle.

Infomation about it:
The 2008 Olympic Torch Relay will run until August 8, 2008, prior to the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Plans for the relay were announced on April 26, 2007, in Beijing, China. The relay, with the theme Journey of Harmony, is expected to last 130 days and carry the torch 137,000 km. (85,100 mi.) — the longest distance of any Olympic torch relay. By comparison, when this globe-trotting ritual was first introduced to promote the 1936 Games, the Olympic flame only travelled 3,422 km from Athens to Berlin.

In 2008, after being lit in Olympia, Greece, the torch traveled to the Panathinaiko Stadium in Athens, and then to Beijing, arriving on March 31. From Beijing, the torch is following a route passing through six continents. The torch will visit cities on the Silk Road, symbolizing ancient links between China and the rest of the world. The relay will also include an attempt to carry the flame to the top of Mount Everest .

The 2008 torch relay has been controversial, being marked on multiple occasions by protests regarding China's human rights record, and in particular the ongoing unrest in Tibet. The path of the torch has been changed on several occasions, with the torch being extinguished by the organisers several times during the Paris leg.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Asiari in SACC Mall, Shah Alam

After several years not visit Shah Alam, this time I plan to have a walk on this well planned city.

Taste: 9/10 (Nice roast beef. They put a lot of chili padi but it is still not that spicy as the beef is properly marinated using spices, vineger & sugar)
Price: 5/10 (Near expensive)

Nice environment with Vietnamise style.

Roast beef & picked lotus root with rice. The beef is properly marinated.

Take a look on its menu.

Another page on the menu book.

SACC Mall in Shah Alam.

Big Apple Donut (Durian flavour)

Before you buy this donut, you will be warned by the shop assistant that this donut only last for one hour. Here is my review after I tried it.

Taste: 8/10 (Nice & fragrant durian taste)
Price: 6/10 (moderate - depends on how may you order. The more you order the cheaper per donut).

From left to right: durian, peanut & almond flavour.

Durian flavour donut. Nice. At first I thought it is just a normal flavored stuff. I actually can feel the durian pulp.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vivien Food Corner

This eating place is located on 3rd floor in Menara Promet near Raja Chulan monorail station. They offers a lot of variety of chinese food & nyonya dessert.

Taste: 7/10 (Some are good and some is just so-so. The kampung chicken rice & the sweet potato dessert is good. The chicken wine rice is spoilt by the too sour vegetables. The combination of chicken wine & the sour vegetables is not right)
Price: 6/10 (still reasonable)

This is how the stall look like.

Good mixture of sweet potato & barley.

Chicken wine rice. The vegetables is just too sour.

New Office Environment

This is how our office look like before & after unpacked our things.

Before unpacked.

After unpacked.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Westport Cruise Terminal Canteen

This is what my colleagues and me had tried during our last day in Star Cruises Westport Terminal. Coincidently, the terminal now have a new canteen operator. Sad that no chance to try other dishes unless we drive here during weekend to try it!

Taste: 8/10 (Nice coconut blend. Never try this somewhere else. The boss get the idea from Filipino ship crew to prepare the drink).
Price: 8/10 (Cheap and well prepared)

Coconut blend. Mixture of young coconut paste, coconut water, sugar and blended with ice.

Thai style chicken rice

Friday, April 11, 2008

J Co Donuts

J Co Donuts has two outlet in Malaysia. This brand comes from Indonesia. They are famous for its long queue on both outlet. This time I try to queue it myself and try it myself! I have to queue for 25 minutes!

Taste: 8/10 (better than Dunkin donuts & big apple)
Price: 5/10 (near expensive - RM2 per piece. The more you buy the cheaper per piece)

Six different flavours - almond, white choc, choc, choc with almond, white choc with almond & coco crunch
J Co logo on box

Food Republic @ Pavillion KL

My colleague & I went for lunch at Food Republic at Pavillion after tired & busy shopping at PC fair. This time I got what I want from the PC fair. It is a rechargeable battery to power my digital camera. My old GP batteries don't last long on my digital camera & quite frustrating when always have to shot pictures without the LCD viewfinder. Below is the food we ordered:

Taste: 7/10(Some are good and some are just so-so)
Price: 5/10(Near expensive)

Mee Jawa (malay style mee with crispy cracker, taugeh, taufoo, peanuts, egg & vegetables)

Fried rice (just normal)

Tom yam mee hoon

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Relocate To Kuala Lumpur

After months of speculations, my team finally relocated to Kuala Lumpur. Its hard to leave the old office building as it brings a lot of memories & fun things while we were here. First of all is the office size. In Port Klang, IT department has a large space. I think it is nearly 10 times larger than the space that we currently occupied in Wisma Genting. You can see from the below pictures on what I meant. Next is the time wasted on transport. Now I have to wake up one hour earlier to catch company bus. The best part is the bus is new & confortable but it is quite cold.

IT department in Port Klang

My colleague desk in Port Klang

New office in Wisma Genting

Another picture


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