Saturday, July 29, 2006

Doulos Floating Book Store

Hello all. I am back again. Too long didn't update my blog. Today, I went to Star Cruise terminal with my colleague in West Port to see the popular Doulos floating book store. It was a bit of disapointment for me, as I couldn't find a book that interest me. The price of the books are almost the same as normal book stores in Malaysia. Fortunately, I am able to buy a cook book for my mom. This book store is more suitable for children as they have a lot of novels and children books. This is accordance to their tag line "Bringing knowledge, help and hope". This ship is about 92 years old and it is on the Guinness Book of Record as the oldest passenger
ship. I am quite amazed as the on board crews are able to maintain the ship in such a good condition although it is nearly a century old. For more info about the ship, please visit the following web link:


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