Monday, February 28, 2011

Supper @ Tsuen Wan MRT

Travel to Hong Kong is incomplete if one doesn't try their night supper snacks. They sell a lot of these internal animal organs such as liver, blood & intestines cooked with special sauce with strong black pepper taste.

Taste:8/10(Tasty supper).
Price:6/10(Moderate. Depends on what you order. For the rice it cost HKD 12 per bowl).

This is the shop near Tsuen Wan MRT.

Glutinous rice with pork liver sausage. Good.

Look at those stuff. Smell yummy.

I brought this.

Just located outside of Tsuen Wan MRT station.

Stinky Tofu @ Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Many people said stinky tofu can be smelled miles away :-) But this stinky tofu don't. If you don't know how it smell like, you don't even notice it when you passed by. As a first timer, I found this sticky tofu oily and not smelly enough! I like blue cheese better than this tofu. Anyway, this is a must try for those who haven't know how stinky tasted like.

Taste:5/10(So-so. The smell is ok but it is rather oily and hot).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. HKD8 for a piece of tofu. Anyway, the cost of living in Hong Kong is rather high).

Finally found this shop selling stinky tofu in Mong Kok.

They also sells other yong tau foo stuff too.

Look out for this shop.

This corner shop located at the intersection of Sai Yeung Choi & Dundas street in Mong Kok, Hong Kong. Located just opposite Starbucks.
Coordinate/GPS: 22.31557,114.170843
MRT: Yau Ma Tei or Mongkok Station. The shop is located in between the MRT stations.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wong Tai Sin Temple @ Kowloon, Hong Kong

This is one of the most popular temples in Hong Kong. All three main religions of China - Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are practiced at this temple. Covering 18,000 square metres and located in a tranquil natural setting remote from the nearby housing estates and the bustle of their streets, the temple is, apart from being an important religious centre, a scenic attraction full of beautifully ornamented traditional buildings.

This temple is easily accessible via Wong Tai Sin MTR station exit B2.

Many visitors here. Crowded even though its Monday morning.

Worshiping deity.

Stop at this station.

Chi Lin Nunnery @ Kowloon, Hong Kong

Chi Lin Nunnery is located just beside Nan Lian Garden and it is near Diamond Hill MRT exit C2. This Buddhist nunnery is stunning with its monastery complex having been renovated as a piece of Tang dynasty architecture. The grand and elegant complex will surely become one of China's great cultural attractions in the years to come. There are other halls containing a treasure trove of religious relics as well as restful lotus ponds. One things that attracts me the most is the words of wisdom display on each relic. Admission to this complex is free.

Chi Lin Nunnery.

Main building from the oasis.

Unique architecture.

Each of this building has its own Buddha figure inside.

Nan Lian Garden in Kowloon, Hong Kong

Today is purely park & temples visit for me. More than half of my day will be spent visiting all the temples & parks in Kowloon area. All the parks & temples here are very unique & well maintained.

I start of on Nan Lian Garden located near Diamond Hill MRT station. This Tang Dynasty style garden features unique structures, water ponds, various odd-shaped rocks and lots of old and valuable trees. The whole park has been arranged to imitate nature. There is one-way circular route which visitors will find new structures with every steps.

Nan Lian Garden (Diamond Hill MRT).

Wooden house with water wheel.

Odd-shaped rocks and valuable trees which looks like bonsai.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stanley Bay @ Aberdeen, Hong Kong

Stanley Bay is located south side of Hong Kong Island which is very different to the hustle and bustle of the north part of the island. The South Side is much more relaxed with beaches, hills and coves. There is also Murray house, an colonial building originally located in Central, that was dismantled and restored in Stanley in 1998. There is also Blake Pier which is also another colonial relic from Central was rebuilt nearby to complement the architectural style. In Murray House, there is Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

To reach here, from the Central bus terminus (Hong Kong MRT exit D) take bus 6, 6A, 66 or 260.

Area near Repulse Bay.

Repulse Bay seaside.

A popular view on TVB dramas.

Stanley Bay.

Scenic view of Stanley. Stroll along the promenande beside the adjacent Waterfront Mart to enjoy the beautiful seaview.

A small temple on Stanley. There have three main temples Tin Hau, Tai Wong & Pak Tai.

Just like going to Western country.

Cute dog.

Blake Pier.

Friday, February 25, 2011

University of Hong Kong

University of Hong Kong (HKU) actually organize tour every Wednesday & Saturday. I found this free tour from their website itself ( In order to join the tour, one must register via the website. Founded in 1911, evolved from the Hong Kong College of Medicine, it has become the oldest tertiary institution in Hong Kong. Being among the top 20 university in the World and the best in Asia, every visitor to Hong Kong should take a look and learn about the history of this university. The tour stared of at the Fung Ping Shan which is the museum of Chinese art building. Then we go to the Main building which is the first building in HKU. From the tour session, I know that Dr Sun Yat Sen was the first graduate from this university and the faculty of medicine was the first faculty setup here.

HKU main entrance at Borham road.

Fung Ping Shan (Museum of Chinese Art).

The Main Building is the oldest structure in the University of Hong Kong. It was originally used as classrooms and laboratories for Medicine and Engineering and is now home of the various departments within the Arts Faculty. The central Great Hall which can seat about 450 people is named after Loke Yew of Kuala Lumpur, a benefactor of the University in its early years. Now, I know why the main hall is named after Loke Yew. Looks like there are many Malaysian who contributed to Hong Kong development. From previous trip to the Peak, I can see that Michelle Yeoh statue being presented at the entrance of Madame Tussauds, Jimmy Choo outlets & Robert Kwok in real estate.

Main library.

Dr. Sun Yat Sen statue. The first graduate.

Water lily pond near Dr. Sun Yat Sen statue.

Eliot Hall and May Hall. Eliot Hall now houses Journalism and Media Studies Centre and the Foundation Chamber. May Hall, has been converted into University offices and Centre of Buddhist Studies. These two halls have witnessed from the first generation student hostel life in campus. Its architectural forms - the classical ideals of symmetry and proportion - not only conform to the best tradition of its time but also adapt ingeniously - with balconies, arcades and cascading terraces - to the local climatic and topographical conditions.

The faculty of Science building.

View from Hong Kong view towards Victoria Harbour. During the early days, Victoria Harbour can be seen from here. But as the progress of development and the building of skyscrapers have blocked the scenic view.

This is how HKU bus look like.

The Peak @ Hong Kong Island

Looks like my Lantau Island day trip will end here. I actually don't expect to visit here on the same day as my visit to Lantau Island. After reached Tung Chung cable car station, we took the MRT straight to Hong Kong Island station. Going up to the Peak is almost equallent to trip to Genting Highland in Malaysia. But here along the way up, you may look at the scenic skyline of Hong Kong. We go up the Peak by bus instead of the Peak tram. Taking bus to go there is far easier and cheaper. From Hong Kong station take the exit D. From there head to the Exchange Square bus terminus. Then look for bus 15.

The Peak Galleria.

Me with old tram.

Day time Hong Kong view from the Peak.

Madame Tussands. Wow, they display our actress, Michelle Yeoh at the main entrance.

Have dinner in Mak's Noodle.

Huh, they are the Michelin recommended restaurant. Let's see whether it up to the standard.

Waiting for our food.

Nice presentation of the noodles.

Green Hong Kong lotus.

The Peak Galleria with peak tram.

Night view of Hong Kong Island from the Peak. Unfortunately, that night the weather is foggy so the view is limited and we can't see the symphony of lights from there.


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