Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hard Work & Determination

Congratulations to Esther Elizabeth Jack who obtained 15A1 in her SPM results. I was SPM top student in Raja Lumu for year 1999. I still can't believe that a school which always rank low among the secondary schools in Klang, able to produce a country's top student. This showed that student's own initiatives, hard work and determination plays an important roles in achieving good results no matter which school they attend. School and environment are not the main factor to produce top scorers. During my days, many parents not very willing to send their children to SMK Raja Lumu because according to them their children might not get good results if study in a low ranking and problematic school. But for me, this school is still good at providing the necessary education for me to continue my study to degree level. Furthermore, this school have dedicated teachers who are willing to help. Student attitude is important. When they don't know something or not sure about something, they should ask and not just keep quiet.

This article also published in The Star citizen blog dated 17 March 2006.

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Comparison between MAS and Air Asia

Here are the comparision that I can make between MAS (Malaysia Airlines) and Air Asia.

1. Better customer services. Their air stewardess are very polite.
2. Expensive. KLIA to Kuching cost RM288 but order in 1 days time.
3. Food provided. Tasty food. Provide delicious nasi lemak with anchovies sambal or sausage, orange juice, chocolate and fruits for breakfast.
4. Provide all major newspapers.
5. Provide nice plastic cups that will be thrown away after use. It is
a waste.
6. Fixed seat.

Air Asia:
1. Air stewardess polite but not on the par compared to MAS.
2. Cheaper. Kuching to KLIA cost RM185 but order 4 days earlier.
3. Food not provided. Have to buy in the plane. Nasi goreng satay cost RM9 and not delicious.
4. Just provide simple polistrene cup or mineral water bottle.
5. Free seat. Can choose any seat(like bus). First come first serve basis.

My first flight

It is my first time boarding an aeroplane. It is my business support trip to Kuching. I have to settle the device and software problems provided by my company to UiTM Sarawak. I reach KLIA at 6am. Without knowing much about broading an air plane procedure, I have to
ask at check in counter on the procedure. Everything was fine until the check in guy tell me that I can't take my bag into air plane as it is too big. Nobody telling me about the bag saiz limitation. So, I have to take out my laptop and carry it into the plane. I boarding the plane at
8.00am. I went there by MAS plane and reach there at 10.00am. The journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. The view from air plane is spectacular even better than view from KL Tower or Petronas Tower. I can see the whole KL, Kuantan, South China Sea and Kuching.

When I reached Kuching, I took a cab to UiTM. The journey takes about 30 minutes. Along the way, I saw many semi-D houses. According, to locals, the semi-D houses only cost around RM200K - RM300K and the saiz of the houses is quite large compared to the peninsular. UNiMas is situated just beside UiTM. UNiMas and UiTM area are quite large but
most of the part is still covered by trees and not yet developed. I station in Sarawak for 4 days 3 nights. I stayed in UiTM hostel and my food is provided by the hostel canteen. The food is quite nice and quite different to the food in UKM. Their cooking don't taste very spicy. I think their cooking styles is to cater the majority. Most students there are from Sarawak which consist of Ibanise.

Doing support is quite tiring. Only sleep about 3 hours perday because have to help customer settle problems. My job become more tiring because the hostel office don't have a proper records of their students. Most of the records are hand written! My customer need to key
in the names for me before I can do my job. Then my another complain is the UiTM bathroom. Their bathroom is too small and I hardly able to clean my back using my hand! I don't know how the students can live there.

Four days pass quite fast. I back to KL on Sunday by Air Asia plane. When I reached KLIA, I saw the airport krew take all the luggage out from plane. They just take out the luggages by just throwing it to the trolley although some luggages got fragile label on it. Unfortunately, one of the bags was torn open and all the clothes were thrown all over the place. For those who never broad plane before, remember to pack your things properly before check in the luggages.