Saturday, October 26, 2013

English Garden @ Munich, Germany

I would recommend for those coming to Munich to visit this English Garden. I visited this garden during summer time in 2013. The name is rather confusing for a garden which is located in Germany rather than in England. The landscape gardening of the garden is said to follow England style. The English Garten is really huge and you will appreciate walking between a little lake full of lovely ducks and a river where swans are elegantly swimming. Do make sure that you see the river surfers which is located at the south of the garden. The lovely garden is so much more than a garden. There is a lake, beer garden and small river in addition to the miles of walking/running paths. It is a wonderful place to spend some time enjoying the sites or just doing nothing but watching the people walk by. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoe as this garden is even larger than the New York Central Park!

Come, lets explore the garden.

You will enjoy watching all the action by city river surfers.

The wave created is strong.

Its river. Not sea.

Nice view and enjoyable.

There is also love locks in English Garden.

Duck and swan in the lake.

Besides English garden, it have Chinese Tower which shape like pagoda.

I am trying to eat in the hot sun. The beer garden is quite huge.

Queuing for food. Aiming for another pork knuckles.

What a delightful meal. I give my rating on this meal in another entry.

Me with Chinese tower having lunch in the hot sun. Got sunburn after that :-P

GPS/Coordinate: 48.149223,11.58847
Public transport: U bahn stop at Universität station.
Address: Englischer Garten 3, 80538 Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ritter Sport & Milka chocolate from Germany

This is among my most favourite chocolate. In Malaysia, the price of these chocolate are really expensive. You can't get the alcoholic flavour as well. In Germany, it only selling at EUR1.00 which is about MYR4.20 for Ritter Sport 100g. But in Malaysia, it is selling at MYR9.90 at most places.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. The chocolate is great and not overly sweet. I like the raisin rum and praline the most).

Many flavours on display here: Clockwise from top left, raisin rum, praline, chocolate mousse, marzipan, hazelnut Milka & Ritter Sport whole hazelnut.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Römerberg @ Frankfurt, Germany

Römerberg is the old centre of Frankfurt, with a number of historic buildings dating to the 14th and 15th century. This is among the most happening area in Frankfurt. Nearby there are street market, fun fair and festival.

The row of buildings are where the city hall located.

Romerberg view at night.

The stalls here mostly selling traditional German meals.

Nice area to scroll around.

Colourful building and stall blends in.

Beautiful buildings with beer stalls.

Near by fun fair.

The mushroom were delicious.

Amazingly delicious fresh mushroom.

Overlooking the river.

Colourful stall.

Basically you can have a beer anywhere in Frankfurt.

Simple and nice park.

Many types of preserved meat.

GPS/Coordinate: 50.110307,8.681129
Address: Frankfurt am Main, Germany ‎
Public transport: U Dom/Römer station.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zeil shopping street @ Frankfurt, Germany

Zeli is the famous shopping mile in Frankfurt. This is a place where the most well-known department store chains are to be found, but also host of specialised shops offer an extensive range of goods.

The street around Zeli area are crowded. There are many huge shopping malls and big brand names here.

The shopping street also have its own park and trees.

Funny performance at Zeil.

Me with MyZeli. The famous shopping mall in Frankfurt. Was designed by Roman architect Massimiliano Fuksas. In February 2009 the shopping mall MyZeil opened and soon became an architectural landmark.

GPS/Coordinate: 50.114208,8.681612
Address: Zeil, 60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany ‎
Public transport: U Hauptwache station.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Impressive Palace of Munich Residenz @ Germany

Munich Residenz is the former royal palace of Bavarian monarchs and it is the largest city palace in Germany. It is one of the most important museums of interior design. This palace is very easy to go as it is within walking distance of Marienplatz. This palace contains furniture, paintings and sculptures, today the museum contains bronze work, clocks, tapestries, porcelain and several special collections such as masterpieces of bronze art.

Antiquarium of the Residenz is the largest hall in north of Alps. Very classic and detail artwork.

The Baroque Ancestral Gallery

One of the hall in the palace. Everywhere is golden colour.

The ceiling in one of the royal rooms.

This banquet table is so long. Probably can accommodate more than 100 guests on this table.

Royal bedroom.

Amazingly decorated corridor.

Pictures from a few rooms inside the palace.

Outside Residenz palace.

GPS/Coordinate: 48.141893,11.579522
Address: Residenzstrasse 1, 80333 Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Public transport: Marienplatz station.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cruel history of Dachau concentration camp @ Germany

Dachau concentration camp is one of Germany’s first concentration camps in a small town of Dachau near Munich. The first 5,000 prisoners were political enemies of the Nazi regime. social, ethnic, and racial enemies were imprisoned as Dachau went on to become the only concentration camp to remain active during the entire Third Reich period (1933-1945).

The infamous Arbeit macht frei ("Freedom through work"). This gate bear witness to a regime of systematised murder, torture, degradation and exploitation.

Reached the concentration camp. The entrance is free of charge.

Buy the Munchen XXL day pass to reach here. It cost EUR7.80.

Propaganda is such a strong weapon used by Nazi.

The prisoners bed. Three storey bed and they need to cramp with each other.

This is how they maintain the prisoner records.

Pityful condition of the toilet.

This must be huge sink.

Christ chapel.

Jewish memorial.

The fence and the drain was to prevent the prisoner from escape.

This is the crematorium used to burn dead bodies. Horrible!

This was how the dead bodies was burned.

Going into the gas chamber. Terrible!

This is the cruel gas chamber. Prisoners were tricked into this room then the door were shut tight. Poisonous gas was released to kill all the prisoners. The room even have the ventilator to clear the room after each killing and have the sewerage system to drain the liquid from bodies.

This is disinfectant room to clean the prisoners before transferred to gas chamber.

This picture shown how was the process being done during world war II.

Sculpture for remembrance. So sad.

Me with the scupture.

Swear "Never Again".

GPS/Coordinate: 48.266341,11.469892
Address: Alte Römerstraße 75
85221 Dachau, Germany
Public transport: Munich S-Bahn Dachau station on S2 line.