Thursday, March 9, 2006

Comparison between MAS and Air Asia

Here are the comparision that I can make between MAS (Malaysia Airlines) and Air Asia.

1. Better customer services. Their air stewardess are very polite.
2. Expensive. KLIA to Kuching cost RM288 but order in 1 days time.
3. Food provided. Tasty food. Provide delicious nasi lemak with anchovies sambal or sausage, orange juice, chocolate and fruits for breakfast.
4. Provide all major newspapers.
5. Provide nice plastic cups that will be thrown away after use. It is
a waste.
6. Fixed seat.

Air Asia:
1. Air stewardess polite but not on the par compared to MAS.
2. Cheaper. Kuching to KLIA cost RM185 but order 4 days earlier.
3. Food not provided. Have to buy in the plane. Nasi goreng satay cost RM9 and not delicious.
4. Just provide simple polistrene cup or mineral water bottle.
5. Free seat. Can choose any seat(like bus). First come first serve basis.


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