Sunday, September 13, 2009

Colleague house warming steamboat

Recently, I attended a colleague house warming party in Selayang, Selangor. It is a well done steamboat party with lots of food to eat and drink. Meat, chicken, vegetables, noodles, eggs, prawn, soft drinks, wine, banana cake, home made tiramisu cake and home made peach cheese cake. Not only have food to eat, but we were entertained with the wedding video shown to us.

A pot of soup for steamboat.

There were sausages, fish ball and meat ball.

Fish noodles.

Just throw all the ingredients in there.

Look at all the RAW material here.

There are prawns, squid and noodles.

Smooth and slimy squids.

What a miss if steamboat without these prawns.

The flour items to make tummy full.

Home made tiramisu toffee.

Home made peach cheese cake and banana cake + tiramisu toffee as the background.


  1. Wow. Why everyone nowadays homemade one? Secret recipe gonna bankrupt soon

  2. now economy downturn, so all need to home made to save :-)

  3. Ys, eating at home is more economical and you do save in the end.

  4. Hi... Lovely and homely food. That makes me envious. No amount of money can buy the love and affection that comes with simple food from the heart. You are a very lucky guy!

  5. Thanks Paranoid. Own cooking you don't need to worry about the cleanliness too and there is no funny ingredient that some outside food added to enhance the flavour.



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