Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Universal Studios @ Singapore

Day 2 of my Singapore trip, I allocate it entirely for Sentosa Island with most of the time in the newly open Universal Studios Singapore. In Sentosa Island, everything is commercialized. So make sure to bring enough cash if you plan to try out their adventure rides, watch 4D Pirates movie or even entering Merlion & Calsberg tower.

We start our second day by taking MRT to Harbourfront station. From there, we need to take the Sentosa express monorail to Sentosa Island. The daily ticket for Sentosa Island express is SGD 3.

Sentosa station.

Heading to Waterfront station.

Universal Studios Singapore - Resort World Sentosa (RWS)
There are two attractions still not open to the public at the time of visit. Both sci-fi roller coaster (Human & Cyclone) & the Madagascar ride. The most scary ride is the Mummy roller coaster ride. With laser, smoke & heat effect, makes this ride a truly Mummy experience.

Finally arrived at Universal Studios.

Holding the paper ticket.

Water fountain.

Chilis restaurant.

Hershey's American chocolate.

Ticket booth.

The Universal Studios icon. The big globe.

Huge entrance.

Don't forget the main entrance.

Redeem for more vouchers. SGD 5 for retail & SGD 5 for food vouchers.

Welcome to Hollywood.

So American.

One of the kids ride (King Julien's).

Far far away.

Shrek castle's in Far Far Away.

4D Shrek movie.

Queue up to watch the 4D shrek movie. Very hot & need to wait for almost 40 minutes.

Queuing. But this time entering the Shrek's castle.

Have a short story while lock up in dungeon before proceeding to the main movie chamber. Woo... So scary :-) Queuing to get until this place is very long. Do make sure you come early and try to avoid school holiday or weekend if possible. Even I come during weekday also have long queue during school holiday.

One of the snapshot of the movie. Really get wet. When the donkey sneeze, the chair in front of us will sprinkle some water. And the best part is the spider scene. A lot of spiders dropping and there is a small brush under our chair which will touch our legs. Everyone is streaming. Plus when Shrek & donkey rides a horse, our chair will move according to the horse movement.

Leaving Far Far Away.

Waterworld. Where you will see dangerous stunts.

The show is about to start.

More smoke & fire.

The whole area is a mess.

Leaving Waterworld.

Starting of fire. A plane is going to come out thru the wall.

The mummy roller coaster ride. The roller coaster will suck into the Mummy's mouth at high speed with special laser lights, smoke & heat. The the ride will suddenly stop at the bottom then go backward at high speed. After than a turning then a fast drop again. No wonder this ride no need to wait or queue. Its dark inside.

Welcome to New York.

New York.

Lights, Camera & Actions. This is a demonstration on how to create level 5 hurricane effect.

Hosted by Steven Spielberg.

We moved to another stage. Peaceful area.

Smoke starting to rise as some electrical shocks & strong wind start blowing. Really felt the effect.

Wow... we feel the wind is getting stronger inside the stage and those in first line will get wet & feel the heat. I am on second row of stage also feel the heat.

More fire!

The windows broken and everything drops. The television broadcast disconnected.

Watch the Musical Broadway here. Pantages-monster rock.

Watch the Musical broadway show at New York. Strong performance with the mix of some Asian songs.

Meet the Orge.

Kids roller coaster.

Flying around Jurassic Park. Canopy Flyers.

Canopy Flyers.

Kids ride. Dino Soar-in.

Dino Soar-in.

Simple ride have to wait very long. Extreme ride no need to wait.

Treasure Hunters ride.

Around Universal Studios.

Human & Cylon roller coaster (Battlestar Galactica).

Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure.

Make sure to bring your own rain coat for this ride as you will get soaked. I am completely wet on that day and don't even have clothes to change. Some more sitting in the rain at night.

We exit Universal Studios at 7.00pm. That is the time they close. From 11.00am to 7.00pm, we are there for 8 hours and I would say it worth it and I manage to try out all the rides and watch all the shows at least once.

Casino Tour at Resort World Sentosa (RWS)
After the Songs of the Sea, we went back to Waterfront Station for Casino tour.

Festive Hotel.

RWS Casino. I would say it looks better compared to the Marina Bay Sands casino. They even have oldies singing performance inside the casino.

Universal globe at night.

Christmas tree.

After dinner, we have a tour around Vivocity roof top. Here is what we found:

No signboard seafood. This is a famous restaurant which specialized on white pepper crab. I don't dare to try it cause rather expensive.

Food Republic food court.

Huge Christmas tree.

Christmas joy at VivoCity.


  1. Wow. Looks very nice. Yup. It's very hot. That's one of the reason why we didn't enter. Hmmm. Next time I must go during non school holiday then. Hate the queue.

  2. Yup, its nice. Most of the heavy queue is in the morning. Afternoon basically is ok.



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