Thursday, August 25, 2011

Malaysia Airlines Food Onboard on Economy Class-Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok

This time I have the opportunity to get on board the new Malaysia Airlines Boeing 738 plane to Bangkok. I would say the interior of the place is more lively compared to the old plane and new leather seat. However, I feel that the seat pitch is slightly smaller compared to the old plane. The seat colour is nice. During the journey to Bangkok, I have one meal onboard. Their main course is the fried rice with beef satay.

Taste:8/10(Good. The good generally are good and delicious. Specially comment on their fruit cake which I think is above my standard).

The beef satay is good.

My food portion. It comes with fried rice with beef satay, Cadbury Gold, fruit cake, fruit juice & wine.

In flight entertainment system.

Scenery approaching Survanabhumi Airport.

Road scenic photo.

Finally touch down to Survanabhumi Airport in Bangkok.

Aircraft from Israel which we will never see to land in KLIA.

Inside the airport. Its a busy airport. Thailand is very successful in attracting foreign tourist to their country.


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