Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Night in Bangkok, Thailand

Since I went to Bangkok only for one night, I don't really explore much about the city. There is much I heard about Bangkok on its culture, food & cheap stuff. I really respect the success and ability of Bangkok to attract millions of foreign tourists each year to their country. The city is famous for its freedom on culture and don't have much restriction on what the people wear or the artists who wanted to perform in their country. Besides that the street stall is amazing with variety of weird food and food that can't be found in Malaysia. The high end shopping complex also not bad with its large area and comfortable to walk around.

From my hotel, I took MRT to the Siam station which have all the major shopping complexes. The MRT service here is quite good and punctual. In the photo is the MBK, shopping which sells cheaper items, clothing and technology related stuff.

Thai crepe. Quite good. You can get this in MBK.

Fried noodle. Pad Thai with prawn. Ate at Siam Paragon food court. Cost 75 Baht.

Beef noodle at the same place.

Siam Paragon.

Absolute Vodka ads.

Siam Paragon.

Famous small temple (Thao Maha Brahma).

The temple status from near.

Bangkok taxi. All Toyota Vios.

Toll booth.

The airport is full of statues. Time to go home.

You can see this at the departure hall of Survanabhumi Airport.


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