Friday, August 3, 2012

Amsterdam river cruise by Reederij P.Kooij

A visit to Amsterdam must have at least try their river cruise tour. The tour is very informative with the guide describing every item that the boat pass by. The tour last for 1 hour and cost EUR 9 for adult and EUR 5.5 for children up to 12 years old. Discover Amsterdam from the water. In a canal boat, you can tour Amsterdam's beautiful canals, exploring the best sights Amsterdam has to offer. Since Amsterdam is surrounded by water, its best to discover Amsterdam via river cruise. No advance booking needed. The boat departs every 30 minutes and you just need to purchase ticket on the spot.

This is where you can take the river cruise.

My river cruise ticket.

Historical buildings near canals.

Amsterdam is among the most bicycle friendly city.

Nice to see beautiful Dutch style building and architecture. Most of the houses here have their own boat.

There are thousands of bridges in Amsterdam.

Beautiful sight with fresh air.

Look at how near the cars park beside the canal. Every year, there are quite a number of cases that car falls into the canal!

There is floating Chinese restaurant.

Address: Rokin 125, 1012 KK Binnenstad, Netherlands
Public transport: Spui tram station.


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