Monday, July 20, 2015

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route - Kurobe Dam to Daikanbo - Part 2 of 3

Map showing the way to view Kurobe Dam.

Climbing the stairs to see Kurobe Dam.

Beautiful view of Japanese Alps.

Kurobe Dam. At 1,500 metres above sea level, this dam is the highest arch dam in Japan. The dam is 186 metres tall with 10 cubic metres of water pass thru the dam every second. During summer, the water is discharged from the lake creating a nice view from the dam observation deck.

Not favorable weather when I visited Alpine Route. The stairs are narrow, so be careful. However, the scenery around the dam is beautiful.

Kurobe lake.

Mount Tateyama with snow cap peak on sight.

View of water flow from Kurobe Dam from top of the dam.

Walking path on top of Kurobe Dam to Kurobeko. It is a 15 minutes walk.

A few more steps before reaching Kurobeko station to continue journey via Kurobe cable car.

Kurobe cable car to Kurobedaira.

Unique cable car with stairs inside.

Reached Kurobedaira.

Mountain view of Kurobedaira.

My lens were wet due to heavy rain. Continuing journey via Tateyama Ropeway to Daikanbo.

View of Mount Tateyama covered with snow during the journey via Tateyama Ropeway.

View from Daikanbo.

Flavuored glutinous rice ball from one of the stall in Daikanbo.

Long queue to board Tateyama tunnel trolley bus to Murodo.

Boarding trolley bus to Murodo.

Bright orange trolley bus. The bus running on track with cable attached.

Finally reached Murodo. Read my next last post on Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route about Murodo.


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