Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route - Nagano to Kurobe Dam - Part 1 of 3

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route is a spectacular scenic route over the Japanese Alps which connects Nagano Shinano Omachi with city of Toyama. This area is famous for heavy snow fall during the winter during November to February each year. When the road opens in end of April for visitors, the area road is surrounded by snow wall on both sides. The wall can reach up to 20 metres high during end April and lasted until end of June. Visitors need to take multiple forms of transport includes cable car, ropeway and trolley bus either from from Shinano Omachi or Toyama to reach Murodo which is the main attraction of Alpine route. Along the way, you will be able to view the scenic Kurobe Dam which is the highest altitude dam in Japan. On good day, Murudo is the starting point to climb to the peak of Mount Tateyama. The post below will show you the scenery from my journey in Nagano to Murudo during end of June 2015.

Waking up very early to take the first train to Matsumoto . Try to catch the 5.40am train. At this time, the skies already quite bright during end of June. You need to start the journey early as the trip to Murudo is quite time consuming.

Mountains view from the train.

Paddy fields are everywhere. Very self sustainable country.

Reached Shinano-Omachi station.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route information guide.

Nice view outside Shinano-Omachi station.

Next you need to purchase bus ticket to Ogizawa.

Waiting for bus to Ogizawa.

This is how the bus to Ogizawa look like.

The bus passed by long stretch of shop houses.

Finally reached Ogizawa.

Heading to the ticket booth to purchase ticket to Murudo (Snow wall).

This is my ticket. It cost me 9,050 Yen.

Kanden Tunnel Trolley bus.

In the trolley bus.

Going thru tunnel.

Arrived Kurobe Dam via trolley bus.

Kurobe Dam.


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