Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tour inside Harvard University @ Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard University is the world's most prestigious and influential. It is one of the eight Ivy league institution of higher learning. Visitors to Boston will include Harvard University as one of the must visit places as the university is so well known and full of history. The university also have many notable alumni such as Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, John F. Kennedy and Bill Gates. The university is so successful that it even have a large endowment of more than USD30 billion to support its research, museums, library and offer financial aid to their students. At that amount of endowment it easily exceed some of the countries Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Harvard university alumni include eight USA President, head of states from around the world, 60 billionaires and about 150 Nobel laureates. That's an amazing feat!

Main gathering point of Harvard students.

The famous Leavitt & Peirce shop selling unique gifts, tobacco and antique games.

This is what Leavitt & Peirce have on their main display. Pipes, hardware and antique games.

The Harvard Crimson is the official publication in Harvard University.

Harvard Book Store. Selling internal Harvard Publication.

Inside Harvard Book store.

Enter To Grow in Wisdom.

Student activities posting.

Sever hall contains small classrooms and lecture halls. It is a US historic landmark.

Unique architecture of Sever hall. The archway admitting entrance into the west facade possesses an acoustical oddity. Whispering directly into the bricks of the archway, can be heard clearly on the other side of the arch.

Harvard library. This is the largest library among the institution of higher learning in the United States.

Student life.

The Harvard Lampoon building. The Harvard Lampoon is an undergraduate humor publication.

The Harvard Lampoon building features a copper ibis, symbol of the Lampoon, mounted on the top of the dome. It was first installed in 1909, but has frequently been stolen and returned ever since. On one occasion members of The Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper and rival of the Lampoon, issues an annual Crimson parody issue, stole the statue and presented it as a gift to the Russian delegation to the UN.

A church inside Harvard with also served as memorial monument for students who died in world war II.

Inside Memorial Church of Harvard.

In memory of those who gave their lives in world war II.

National seal on the ceiling.

Sculpture showing sorrowness in World War I chamber.

Food truck outside Harvard University compound.

Memorial Hall.

Inside Memorial Hall.

Student accommodation area. Massachusetts hall. This is the oldest building in Harvard campus.

Nice environment inside the campus with much greenery.

Student hostel.

John Harvard statue at Harvard Yard.

If you touch the shoe, you will be lucky. See the changing colour of the shoe. Thousands of people touch it everyday.

Another photos of student hostel.

Harvard University Health Services.

Need to buy souvenir? Come to The Harvard Shop.

Variety of Harvard branded mugs.

Harvard sweaters and shirts.

Even Hello Kitty shirt available here!

Harvard teddy bears and pandas.

Chess is a popular game here inside Harvard Campus.

GPS/Coordinate: 42.376983, -71.116671
Address: Cambridge, MA 02138, United States
Public transport: Harvard subway station


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