Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rich Vs Wealth

I found this words of wisdom quite inspiring.

Having lots of money & assets.

A & B earn same amount of income. Let us assume the income amount as RM2000.
A can survive with the income for two months.
But B can only survive it for one months.
So, we assume A is wealthier than B as he/she can survive longer with the same income.
Good financial wellbeing is important to achieve this. I respect a person who earn less than four figures a month able to bring up 5 children. Sad to hear that someone who earns five figures a month unable to meet end needs.

In today world, we should search for wealth rather than richness. As richness don't survive as long as wealth. Great car & large house are not a need but more about a person's status. A person should only have the luxuries as long as it don't effect the basic human needs. People should live and have their best lifestyle based on what they have & not to follow the crowd or having kiasu mentality.


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