Thursday, September 4, 2008

IKEA Biscuits

I never tried IKEA biscuit before until my colleague offered me resberry flavoured biscuit. The IKEA dry food counter is actually facing the cashier counter. You should be able to see it when you check out. During that week, I brought myself a few types of Sweden made biscuits to try out and the outcome as below:

Taste:7/10(I would rank Bellerina higher than other in terms of taste. Bellerina have a rich hazelnut flavoured cream. Try Leksands if you like cream crackers and you like fibre stuff. Try to dip Leksands in milk Milo or milk coffee. IKEA does sell a large piece of Leksands in round shape. The one in the photo below is the cut version of Leksands in small pack. Try Pepparkakor is you like strong taste)
Price:6/10(Moderate.Each pack is fixed at RM4.90 and it is imported)

Bellarina is cookies with hazelnut filling, Leksands is high fibre crackers made from rum (a kind of wheat that is used to make whiskey) and Pepparkakor is ginger & cinnamon biscuits.


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