Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reading, Music & Product

Five months has passed since I work in KL. I think there are a few positive changes that I can see on myself.
First, I notice that I am able to read more now when compared when I work near my home. I won't be able to sleep well in the bus and I feel that the time would go to waste if I do nothing. So, I picked up the habit of reading. Previously, I only manage to finish around two magazines and a book a month but now the number would increase to five magazine & three books. The working place in Bukit Bintang also near to Times Pavilion which have quite a large collection of new books. Finally, I found my Tun Sri Lanang library replacement. Times is an interesting place to go after lunch.
Second, I hardly listened to any radio station before this. Now, Mix FM is my favorite station. Now at least I can answer some entertainment questions thrown to me. I was a total geek on the music industry before this.
Third, product. Hmmm... what is actually I mean by this... Get to know latest product around and feel it. Know about the uniqueness of a product.


  1. The place is more trendy and happening. But I still maintain my own style.



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