Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Signature Food Court @ Suria KLCC, KL

Signature Food Court is located at the second floor (above KFC & Burger King) of the Malaysia most popular tourist destination, Suria KLCC. I went there with my colleague to have a lunch over there. It takes us around 20 minutes for us to walk from Wisma Genting to the food court. However, it is confortable to walk there as nearly 80 percent of the path is covered and 50 percent is air conditioned. The secret is to pass thru Crowne Hotel car park, UOA building, KL convention centre and KLCC underground tunnel in order to get there. After lunch, I still have some time to spare to window shopping around.

Taste:7/10(Moderate. The meehoon is quite spicy to my tasting however my northern colleague said it is not spicy enough. The briyani rice is just normal and it is just like the vegetarian banana leaf rice).
Price:5/10(Near expensive. Most of the dishes here are priced around RM9-RM15. The price there is net price and they don't charge goverenment tax or service tax. However, I manage to find my nasi briyani with dessert at RM6. Over all the food here is fine but the price is on higher end).

Spicy fried meehoon with bubur caca.

Dumpling mee soup.

Oops, picture taken after I ate it. Vegetarian briyani rice (3 vegetables) with green bean dessert & dhall.


  1. Actually my usual eating place is wisma genting canteen & UOA food court. I usually don't post what I eat here as the place is too crowded and I feel shy to take photos. My food blog is not entirely full of higher end eating places. You can see that some entries have price rating of more than 7 (such as nasi lemak & chee cheong fun). Unless I eat economy rice (which ranges RM4-5 here), the food price in Bukit Bintang is not cheap either and I don't think it is wrong to explore other place to eat once or twice a week. I do agree that in some eating places, you pay for the environment rather than on the food itself but I prefer variety and reward yourself a bit to motivate and fully take advantage of the environment you are in :-)



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