Sunday, November 15, 2009

Los Angeles, California

Upon touchdown to Los Angeles, I would think that this is the most boring city that I going to visit so far in US. After consolidating all my travel photos, I found out that I took the most picture while I was in Los Angeles than in any other places. Los Angeles is a very large city and getting around would definately require their train & bus service. Their public transportation system is quite efficient and it covers most part of the city. With 5 USD for daily trip ticket, I can travel virtually everywhere in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles is the home of the rich & famous. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Michael Jackson, Universal Studios, Disneyland & Six flag magic mountain. Anyway, I choose to have visit the free attractions here. Its not bad and 4 days I have in Los Angeles is just barely enough. In order to visit whole Disneyland & Universal Studios would require at least 3 days.

Walt Disney concert hall.

The tour guide for the Walt Disney concert hall is good! Unfortunately, can't take photo in the concert hall as the camera shutter sound will disturb their training.

World map in Downtown.


Santa Monica closed for the Halloween carnival.

Halloween carnival. Hooters becomes Cocks.

Because of H1N1, pig seems to be main highlight.

OMG, so gay!

Brand new 'life' barbie doll.

Don't know what are they doing, but its funny.

Priest, please forgive me.

Flower pots!

Guy Geisia.

A modern Cathedral of our Lady of Angels.

The walk of fame in Hollywood.

Madame Tussands Hollywood with Marilyn Monroe.


Chinatown gateway monument.

Gateway monument with Dr.Sun sculpture.



Chinatown Metro station.

Taking Metro to Union Station.

Union Station is LA's transportation hub.

Reached Olvera street. Mexican street.

Lots of Mexican traditional shoes.

Items for the festival of the dead.

Coincidently, they are having festival of the dead when I visit the street on that day.

Many shop selling souvenir here. Market style.

Mexican custume.

The best mexican food I ever had. The salsa sauce is amazing.

Free sweets.

Festival of the Dead.

Reached Santa Monica beach.

Santa Monica beach cities.

Santa Monica pier official opening.

Tiles decoration on Universal City Metro station.

Universal Studios.

Hard rock cafe in Universal studios.

King kong.

Hot topic boutique.

Dodgers club shop.



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