Monday, November 2, 2009

San Francisco tourist attraction summary

San Francisco is a really beautiful city. With much activities going on and it is on a bay area, there are much attraction to see. When come to San Francisco, one will not miss to step on the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking to the bridge is a challenge for me as it is quite far and the strong wind when on the bridge itself. Moreover, I do this at night! The bridge is not only famous for its amazing abilities to withstand strong wind and strong current from the Pacific Ocean below, but it was one of the most famous places to commit suicide too. When walking on the bridge, can see that there are many phones along the way as a suicide prevention hotline.

San Francisco does have its own problem. In some area, there are too many beggars and makes a place no safe to visit. I do wonder why the authorities there didn't take any action on those beggars.

Flying to San Francisco from Las Vegas by Virgin America.

Good entertainment. Can even chat with other passengers & ordering drinks.

Nice lightning to create ambient mood.


Chinatown at Grant street.

From the street, you can view straight to the sea. That is the best part of San Francisco.

Trans-America piramid.

Everywhere is up & down in San Francisco.

Many sloppy road in San Francisco.

City view from Telegraph hill. This is what makes San Francisco so special.

Financial district & Bay bridge from Russian hill.

Financial district from Colt tower.

Financial district sunset.

Ferry building.

Sea lion near Pier 39.

Fisherman's Wharf.

Combo prawn & crab meat. Quite delicious though.


Golden Gate Bridge.

Me with the bridge.

The traffic is quite heavy on the bridge and here is the toll gate.

The bridge contractors & designers.

San Francisco cable car. Its unique and has its own history.

Grace cathedral at Taylor street.

Inside Grace cathedral.

Cable car is powered by these machines.

World's famous Lombard street. Also known as Crookedest street.

San Francisco city hall.

A bridge in Japanese tea garden (Golden Gate Park).

A unique Japanese structure. Look something like pagoda.

So many cute Japanese souvenir in this shop.

F line train to Fisherman's Wharf.


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